Tuesday, 19 May 2009


There is so much evidence on the planet that points very clearly to a young Earth. From our population of 6 billion, to the oldest known living organism like the Bristlecone Pine which turns out to be around 4500 years old, which fits perfectly with the worldwide flood of Genesis that occurred around 4400 years ago according to Biblical records.

Dr. Kent Hovind of Florida, a Christian evangelist, was put in prison in California a few years ago for teaching such information. He was given a ten year sentence on trumped up charges. His wife was given a one year and one day sentence. The U.S. government is at the moment attempting to get their dirty hands on Kent's outreach ministry in order to break it up and destroy it. Signs of the times indeed! Satan does not like truth of any kind to be taught, especially when it backs up the written revealed Word of the Creator! You can read about his case on his site below:

But now, for your enjoyment, please listen to chemist John Pendleton as he goes through some very interesting facts:

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