Sunday, 20 September 2009


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Anonymous said...

One loose end. Video 2 within the first minute and a half...He says he does not know where Tsarion got the idea that naggar means serpent priests. I know. The naga are a group of serpent deities in Hinduism and Buddhism. Naga is a Sanskrit word. I agree 1000% that Tsarion is not using good linguistics. Even if you know just a little bit, you can pick out some of his errors

sasha said...

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IngestLess Fluoride said...

Your Sirius star explanation/defense is not solid. "The twisted one" could mean SNAKE/SERPENT, Which if it rose in the summer could have merged as a new word or meaning for that time of year. At which time the truth of neighbors (aliens) from the Siris star system was lost and association with the season began. In his line of research he is looking for patterns. IF your going to say he is a liar, how many other word meanings is he incorrect with?