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by Pamela Schuffert

February 6, 2009

I previously send my readers an email outlining the horrible trauma that Veral and Judy Smith of Idaho have been going through, all because of his "unforgiveable sin" in the sight of the Federal government, to decide enter into the BULLET MOULD MAKING BUSINESS ( Veral's LBT Technology).

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The Federal government obviously fears the gun owners of America, as the threat of a NEW WORLD ORDER agenda looms ever closer on the horizon of our nation.

The Federal government and US military know that it will be many of the GUN OWNERS OF AMERICA who will courageously stand against the anticipated onslaughts of foreign troops and their traitorous US military counterparts who will seek to impose their NWO agenda BY FORCE on the endangered American people.

The Federal government FEARS the collective power of the organized militia and the gun owners of America.

And since gun owners KNOW that ammunition is being sold out across America at a tremendous rate, the government fears those Americans who have the capacity to manufacture their OWN bullets through Veral's bullet moulds.

I recently posted on the true life account of Veral and Judy Smith, and the trauma from the US government they have gone through for his production of quality bullet moulds.

His wife has been implanted with microchips while falsely imprisoned, used now to target her with military frequencies of unknown origin/type that have almost killed her.

Their daughter Rebecca was kidnapped by the CIA and totally brainwashed, and now they do not know if she is even alive.

Their real life story is incredible.

EVERY Patriotic American should READ THEIR ACCOUNT!

Judy and Veral have finally WRITTEN A BOOK exposing government atrocities against them, and they personally asked me to HELP MAKE THIS BOOK AVAILABLE TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC.

You can CONTACT VERAL AND JUDY to ORDER this fascinating behind-the-scenes account of ONE FAMILY'S TERRIFYING ORDEAL by emailing them at:

Thankyou, Patriots and gun owners of America, for expressing your concern for this family endangered by government sponsored terrorism.

And thankyou, my fellow Christians, for praying for and caring about this couple.


TODAY it may be THEM...

TOMORROW it may be YOU on the endangered list!

-Pamela Schuffert reporting from MONTANA

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