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In the world of internet information, there lies many disinformation agents. Their job in some cases is to discredit truthful informers such as Pamela Schuffert. In an e-mail I received from Pamela, she gives her version of the distorted story that has been hung on the network against her credibility. I myself had come across this story many many months ago, which obviously made me think and pray more about just who and what we can trust in. One has to be very very careful and weigh up slowly every snippet and check it every which way possible. I have no reason to believe that Pamela Schuffert is anything other than she tells us. Here is her version:


In the recent postings of several government CIA misinformation (COINTELPRO) agents, STEW WEBB (FBI) and BARBARA HARTWELL (CIA), working alongside a very dysfunctional couple FRED AND KATIE SASSE , have raised questions by my readers. IN fact, HARTWELL has gone so far as to even libel me in her website and writings, that I AM A SATANIST AND MEMBER OF THE ILLUMINATI!

Of course, as with all false CIA allegations, this is a total lie and totally unproven and without documentation. Her libel is the total antithesis of my 35 year walk with Jesus Christ and my many years of often difficult laboring in various ministries.

Due to the tragedy today of God's people often failing to perform adequate background research, and often taking verbatim such libel as truth, with NO evidence whatsoever, I am compelled to expose the Hartwell's COINTELPRO once again this time the Sasse's working with her as accomplices to CIA/FBI COINTELPRO and libel.

Here then is THE TRUTH regarding the accusations posted by CIA COINTELPRO HARTWELL and WEBB and their accomplices, the SASSES.


A few years ago, I found myself in crisis while staying at a Bible College briefly. This was during one of my many PRAYER JOURNEYS ACROSS AMERICA. The purpose of visiting this Bible college was in fact to donate $3000 worth of new musical equipment to the Bible college for their students to use in outreach. I was waiting for the president of this Bible College to return so I could present it to him for his students.

Due to circumstances beyond my control,I found myself unable to reach one contact to stay with. In my emergency in that region, I chose to contact the closest website readers I could find, which happened to be the SASSES of MN. The Sasses, specifically wife Katie, had read my website for a long time. She had told me repeatedly how MUCH she loved my writings and wanted to support my much needed work. I needed only one night of hospitality until I could cash a check the next morning to continue onthe road and to my engagements.

They invited me to come to their home until I could get my check cashed, and provided finances to do so, which was agreed to be repaid immediately as well.

Unfortunately, I failed to adequately pray before choosing to go to their home. I am a very loving and trusting person and tend to give people the benefit of the doubt. In what turned out to be a series of tragedies, shortly after I arrived, my purse was stolen.

It simply disappeared in the process of having my belongings taken out of my van. Everything I needed to get back on the road was in there, including driver's license, etc. Treasured momentos from my travels overseas for research disappeared with it, and more. I was heartsick.

They never admitted to me until after the fact, that the young man they had allowed to help carry my things into the house was a known liar and had stolen things from them previously, and was a troubled child in their neighborhood they had tried to help.

Nor had they warned me that THEIR NEIGHBORHOOD was a high crime area, and that people would come into vehicles and homes in BROAD DAYLIGHT and simply steal money, purses, wallets, and even commit murders.

Between the course of my arriving, having my things unloaded and collapsing on a bed to get sleep after my long drive, my purse simply disappeared.

A Frightening Trap-
I was trapped in their home until I could get a reissued driver's license and other things replaced as quickly as possibly. I decided to use that time to minister to their spiritual needs, which began to become deeply apparent to me almost immediately.

BOTH Fred and Katie came from a deeply disturbed family background, Fred's parents the tormenting and cruel kind who lived in Franklin, NC, and Katie's whose family members included those placed in mental hospitals, and whom she deeply suspected were into SATANISM as well.

I spent time alone with Katie to try and minister to her.

It was a difficult challenge, to sit and listen to Katie's profanity and cursing and rage directed
again her husband, Fred, and how she hated him because he forced her to give up her first child for adoption to a rich family in Texas because of her mental and emotional problems and she was unfit to be a mother to her.

She then would talk about THREATENING TO ABDUCT HER HAPPILY ADOPTED DAUGHTER from the family in Texas and admit how much she hated this family, because they had money and could provide everything for her daughter that she could not. Constantly hearing her threats to abduct her daughter was very unsettling.

Fred would later pour out his woes about how he hated his family and how terrible they were, etc. And how angry he was all the time.

I was forced to watch and endure more than one of Katie's frequent outbursts and rage and temper explosions, one day throwing something across the living room in front of her children, screaming, terrifying her children, and then storming out of the home.

Her children went through her anger outbursts quite frequently, in fact. It became quite abusive to all around her.

Although CLAIMING to be "A CHRISTIAN COUPLE," their words and actions cast frequent doubt on this. For example, Katie Sasse frequently threatened to have an affair on her husband, Fred, as well, telling me how he did not love her, etc.

Her husband then admitted that this was her pattern from the time he married her. Following much research on her evident dysfunctional mental condition, I discovered that she suffered from a severe case of what is called BORDERLINE PERSONALITY SYNDROME. Hers, however, was anything but borderline. Her whole family, as she admitted, suffered from mental problems.

Finally, after a time of ministering to her one day, she asked me if I had any needs that they could help me with. I was totally honest with her: mine is a sacrificial ministry in which I live on the edge to perform my work that benefits countless readers across this nation freely, not charging for my reporting.

I had many needs, including for a winter coat, etc.

She then insisted on providing various things I mentioned. I asked her, as is proper protocol in ANY ministry, if SHE HAD ASKED HER HUSBAND'S PERMISSION FIRST. She said she had (but as I found out later, she had NOT.)

After much insisting, she purchased the things for my ministry that she persistently claimed she wanted to provide, stating when I protested, "I LOVE YOU AND I WANT TO HELP YOUR MINISTRY!"

Extremely anxious to leave this hellish household of a dysfunctional, pseudo-Christian couple and her rages, I was relieved when my finances and license finally came in the mail and I was free to continue on the road.

I contacted her a month later, and to my sorrow, she started to falsely accuse me PUTTING THEM IN DEBT...and that because of the purchases she had made for me, their credit was ruined, etc.

I was outraged, as anyone in this position would be, and held her and Fred to Scriptural accountability.


She had NOT asked her husband's permission, and had in fact done what he admitted she had done many times before, and that was to run up their credit card without his permission.

Due to his explosive anger towards her when he discovered this, Katie concocted an utter lie to protect herself from the brunt of his wrath, somehow insisting that I was responsible, which was IMPOSSIBLE!


Get REAL! I had no power over HER DECISION nor her CREDIT CARD!


When I was kind enough (and NO ministry does this) to offer to box up every thing they had given me and mail them to the Sasse's SO THEY COULD GET REIMBURSED, Fred her husband was roughly rude and said "DON'T BOTHER".

I then told him I was even willing to FINANCIALLY REIMBURSE THEM if necessary...and Fred refused this as well.

Having refused all my efforts to be reconciled AT MY OWN EXPENSE, he then went from one negative person to another, including LINDA NEWKIRK (false prophetess teaching REINCARNATION and speaking forth false prophecy and claiming to be REINCARNATED FROM A BIBLE PERSONALITY,) and FINALLY resorting to government misinformation agents (COINTELPRO) STEW WEBB AND BARBARA HARTWELL...who were MORE THAN HAPPY to finally find SOMETHING they could attack me for.

Interestingly, NO ONE in normal mainstream investigative journalism would accept or publish their false accusations, and for obvious reasons. They recognized this couple as dysfunctional and their accusations as unprovable.

(Both HARTWELL and WEBB had been previously exposed as government paid agents that they were, infiltrating into "PATRIOT" and Christian groups to spy for the government and ALSO to publicly slander those the government resents for exposing government corruption.)

False Prophet/New Age Pseudo Christian NEWKIRK then dared to come forth over the phone to them with the BLATANT LIE that somehow...I HAD HIDDEN MY PURSE IN MY VAN and it was NOT STOLEN...allegedly so I could get money and things from them. She even went so far to couch this lie in the words of THUS SAITH THE LORD.

WHAT A BLATANT LIE! I was sick over the loss of my purse and treasured mementos I kept in it, and wanted to leave the troubled SASSE home so badly that IF I HAD MY PURSE IN MY POSSESSION, I would have NEVER tolerated the emotional abuse I suffered while there and would have LEFT IMMEDIATELY!

(NEWKIRK'S husband placed her into a mental asylum following that situation, at last report. And when she attempted to go to South Africa for speaking engagements, the Christians churches caught onto her heresies quickly and disowned her, sending emails back to the USA exposing Newkirk. SO much for the credibility of NEWKIRK!)


Of course WEBB and HARTWELL, known government misinformation agents, were happy to be able to finally find something they could attempt to use to destroy my ministry and credibility (although to date it has NOT worked. My close Christian friends and long time readers KNOW ME TOO WELL! My reporting continues to be quite successful and effective.)

And the resultant defamation of character against me, based on the SASSE'S MISINFORMATION, on their websites (HARTWELL'S AND NEWKIRK'S and WEBB'S) tells THE REST OF THE STORY...

In fact, I am still planning to contact child protective services and file a
complete report on what the SASSE children were forced to go through repeatedly in the SASSE household, and to report the dangerous threat to ABDUCT HER HAPPILY ADOPTED CHILD in Texas to proper agencies as well, for the child's own protection from Katie Sasse.

SO now you know THE REST OF THE STORY and the truth behind the libelous attack against me by HARTWELL, WEBB and THE SASSE'S.

I urge the readers of this to continue to pray for them all, for obvious reasons.
It is very rare when I have to break ministerial counseling confidentiality, but in this extreme case, readers deserve to KNOW THE TRUTH.

What prompted this email was the fact that, after being in contact by email with a friend in Jerusalem, Israel, he told me that he went to a friend in a Christian bookstore to share my reports with AHORON, only to be told, "Pam Schuffert...why, she is A SATANIST and a member of the ILLUMINATI...!" He then quoting OTHER CIA COINTELPRO written falsely against me, from Hartwell and the Sasses.

He had gotten this blasphemous false accusation from the website of BARBARA HARTWELL off the internet. And he NEVER took the time to PERSONALLY CONTACT ME to find out if THESE ACCUSATIONS WERE TRUE.

This is sadly typical of MANY IN THE BODY OF CHRIST TODAY, and I find this sad.
Had he followed PROPER SCRIPTURAL PROTOCOL, and contacted me FIRST, he would have KNOWN THE TRUTH.

I have paid a heavy price for my ministry and to maintain my Scriptural walk, and will lay down my life to defend the credibility of this ministry God has entrusted into my care.

I therefore urge my readers to TAKE THE TIME TO KNOW THE TRUTH.

-Pamela Schuffert reporting from across the nation.

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