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One thing we are uncovering more and more in these last days is the lies and deceit we have been living under. The Bible tells us that in the last days that this would be so. Deceivers and liars abound - and in the highest of places! OK, even though we knew full well what the Bible tells us about Satan and his cohorts, being in charge of our towns and cities and therefore of our politicians, judges and lawyers, it just kind of went over our heads the actual extent of the lies and deceit involved!

And it is not only we ourselves who are uncovering the black depths of this deceit, but the elite families themselves, the very ones who have been pulling the strings from behind the scenes, are actually putting forward the vast majority of this information in books, documentaries and films. It is high time, they reckon, that WE the public understood how we have been led, lied to and cheated by them! They are not the slightest bit worried that we know, for they understand clearly that many will not believe what is being said and others will just feel apathetic. "What can we do anyway", is the normal reply when you tell folks. And that is one of their reasons for unveling their control over us - they want some of us to feel inferior and beaten.

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So for what other reasons are they coming clean and telling us what they have been up to then? Quite simply - they want us to rise up and face them if we dare! They would just love another revolution! They are taunting us, trying to get us out on the streets protesting against them and their puppet governors so that they can infiltrate the protestors with their Freemasonic revolutionaries - like the ones that dressed up as American Indians and started the American revolution against British rule. That is how they work and how they have always worked. They are experts in causing wars and revolutions, and of course, in controlling the outcome! They have centuries of experience in this. Their weapons of mass destruction are all in place and have been for some time now.


I should not have to mention though, that as well as being extremely evil and extremely well educated, the elite are also the biggest cowards and cold blooded murderers on the face of the planet! They live in fear of each other as they know that they are all liars, murderers and cheats! Would a murdering liar and cheat trust another like him?? Of course not, so for that reason, they work together with smiling faces, attempting to show their 'trust' of the other families that form the topmost ranks of the elite controllers (who go by the names of the Illuminati or Moriah Conquering Wind or The Olympians or Lucifer's Chosen, the Illuminated Ones), but in the comfort of their own homes, they spit their venom against each other like the evil vipers that they are. On the one hand, like all good Freemasons do, they believe themselves to be god-men, whilst on the other hand have decided it most necessary to spend countless billions on digging out super deep underground hideouts in which to run and hide in when things get a little out of hand!! God men?? Haha!!


Bravery is not accounted to them in any way! It used to be in the distant past that leaders - true leaders - would show their faces and be out in front, leading their forces in battle - always out in front - but not these cowardly parasites! They are so much the god-men they believe themselves to be that they feel the necessity to live and act like ... COWARDS! There exists in the English language no other word that comes to mind to describe these beings - COWARDS!

COWARDS they were born (in capital letters) and COWARDS they will die (in capital letters!!)


Oh, they believe themselves to be the brave ones, don't get me wrong here. They believe themselves to be brave because it is THEY who have thrown down the gauntlet at us. It is THEY after all who are challenging us. They forget of course that their challenge is all one sided. It is THEY and not we who have lived as parasites, making their living off the world's poor and struggling. It is THEY and not we who have amassed uncountable fortunes of wealth and who store it and use it for evil and not good. And it is THEY and not we who have surrounded the planet with powerful listening and watching devices to spy on our every move and speech and who have placed both on the ground and in space enough devastating power and weapons of mass delusion that they can now sit back comfortably and feel smug that they have us all by the short and curlies. They have reason to feel brave although they are the most feeble, disgusting beings the Earth has ever had the misfortune to know!!

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They are anything but stupid! They are very evil, and very cowardly but they also have the best education whilst pushing over to our side of the table, their cleverly worked out Education Sewer! They need dumbed down servants for their factories and corporations and not highly educated folks like themselves that would complain and stand up against their evil, deplorable ways! But these days are different, being that we have reached the end of time on this planet as we know it. The elite are now plotting the downfall of the west and the destruction of the majority of humanity. They must be now practising hard their fleeing to their underground hideouts!


They have worked very hard and spent colossal amounts of energy and resources on culling our numbers, sickening the rest of us, mind controlling us and setting up their myriad of Black Operations against us. Time is now running in short supply. It will soon now be over. Have you made any decision yet as to the possibility of their being in existence a Creator God who cares and who will very shortly intervene in world affairs to stop the Fabian murderous racket?? He will stop it - but first He must allow the stupidity, pride and greed of man to take the world to the very precipice of complete annhilation. Very soon, things are going to start happenning around the globe that will frighten the toughest of us. Much much worse than 9/11. It will not be very funny to have to go through the allotted 7 years tribulation period either that is about to hit this Earth. If I were you and did not know the Creator God, I would make plans to do so quickly. Better to have the chance to leave this place before the going gets really hot!!

Now please read on and learn a little more on Fabian policies -
Edward Laughlan:


Originally published November 3 2009


Kellogg's claims sugary "Cocoa Crispies" cereal can boost your child's immunity (opinion)

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor
(NaturalNews) The world of bizarre nutritional claims by sugary cereal makers just got a little more weird this week when Kellogg's began shipping boxes of Cocoa Krispies emblazoned with the ridiculous claim, "Now helps support your child's IMMUNITY."
If processed white sugar, partially-hydrogenated trans fat oils and synthetic chemical vitamins could enhance human immunity, Kellogg's would be King of the Hill, but in reality, of all the many foods for boosting human immune function, Cocoa Krispies somehow isn't even on the list.
In fact, you might say that Kellogg's claim of boosting immunity with a sugary cereal sprayed with synthetic vitamins is one of the most hilarious claims yet floated by a cereal company, but what's definitely not funny is the fact that the FDA openly allows this deceptive, fraudulent food labeling to continue even while threatening, arresting or prosecuting nutritional supplement companies that make similar but true claims.
For example, it's illegal in America to claim that vitamin D boosts immune function (even though it does), but it's perfectly allowable for Kellogg's to claim their sugared-up Cocoa Krispies boosts immunity (even though it doesn't). What's wrong with this picture?
Why doesn't the FDA (or the FTC) send threatening letters to the CEO of Kellogg's, threatening them with arrest and prosecution while confiscating Kellogg's cereal inventory for "misleading labeling?" This is exactly what the FDA would do if the product in question were an herb or a bottle of vitamins. Somehow, Kellogg's gets away with outright labeling fraud while regulators twiddle their thumbs and pretend to be doing their jobs.

Synthetic vitamins and loads of sugar

By the way, you might be curious why Kellogg's thinks they can make such a claim on a box of Cocoa Krispies. The front of the box loudly proclaims "25% daily value of antioxidants & nutrients, vitamins A, B, C & E." This, apparently, is the basis for their claim.
Except they aren't using actual food-based vitamins A, B, C and E. Instead, they're using synthetic, artificial chemicals that have been given the names "Vitamin B12" or "Vitamin C" and so on. These aren't holistic vitamins like the ones found in nature. They're synthetic, sprayed-on nutrients concocted in a chemical factory somewhere. To even call them vitamins is an insult to real vitamins found in real food.
Cocoa Krispies isn't even real food, if you ask me. It's a nutrient-deficient, highly-processed, sugar-laden source of empty calories. To claim it "supports IMMUNITY" is so far-fetched that you'd have to be living in some alternate universe to even think about believing it. As one person quoted in USA Today said about this, if Kellogg's can claim their vitamin-sprayed sugared-up puffed rice boosts immune function, then you could spray synthetic vitamins on a pile of leaves and make the same immune boosting claims about them, too!
Highly-processed sugary cereals are not medicine. They do not enhance or increase human immune function. If anything, the high acidity of the sugar used in the product causes the body to become more acidic, which suppresses immune function. I'm willing to bet that if you take a hundred people with the healthiest immune systems in the world, you won't find their pantries stocked with Cocoa Krispies.

Eat more sugar as a defense against swine flu?

It's clear that this package claim by Kellogg's is aimed at all the flu-conscious parents who are worried that little Johnny might get infected and die from swine flu if he doesn't get his vaccine shot and eat his Cocoa Krispies. Then again, if Cocoa Krispies can boost immune function, we do kids need vaccines at all?
The H1N1 vaccine itself, by the way, is just as ridiculous as this Cocoa Krispies claim. Neither one offers any real protection against the flu, but both are being hyped up as strong solutions. Maybe they should give away a free box of Cocoa Krispies with every swine flu shot just to double up on the protection, huh?

Nutritional illiteracy remains widespread

For years, the FDA has betrayed the American people by allowing ridiculous health claims on the packages of processed dead foods that have been chemically augmented with synthetic vitamins. Meanwhile, real foods like broccoli, blueberries and citrus fruits aren't allowed to make any health claims whatsoever. Is it any wonder that America has so many sick people? Most of the information presented to consumers at the grocery store is the opposite of what's real!
Junk food is good for you! Living foods are dangerous! Raw milk might kill you, but drink this pasteurized homogenized processed milk because it builds strong bones! Here, buy this "Smart Choices" processed food, it's healthy!
We have become a nation of idiot information about food. It's like in the movie Idiocracy where the population is convinced that water is "for toilets" and that only sports drinks beverages are safe for human hydration needs.
It also makes you wonder about the intelligence of the consuming population: Are there really moms out there who think that buying Cocoa Krispies will boost their childrens' immune function?
If so, we don't merely have a problem with misleading food labeling in America today; we have a problem with widespread nutritional illiteracy.
And it's caused in part by the fact that our kids can't learn well in school these days because they're being fed processed, sugary junk foods like Cocoa Krispies for breakfast.

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