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The New World Order that is being forced upon mankind and that we are hearing about more and more as time goes on, will be a worldwide system of ancient paganism (Mother Earth worship, nature worship), mind controlled slavery (microchip implants linked to satellites), and continual human sacrifice (called population control – check out the Georgia Guide Stones). In other words, it will be a worldwide system of Luciferianism! Sometimes it is referred to and promoted as the Alliance of Nations or more recently the term Allied Union (AU) is being thrown around. This is rather interesting to note as it is the international bankers themselves who are at the very forefront of building this New World Order Allied Union.


Understanding that the international bankers worship Lucifer and money (gold), and understanding that their origins were in alchemy i.e., attempting to turn lead into gold, is it any wonder that they may have chosen the symbol of their beloved gold (Au) as the inspiration for the supposed new name of their ‘new world order’ - the Allied Union - the AU? It reminds me of the Wizard of Oz – in other words, the wizards (former alchemists, the international bankers) and their gold ounce (Oz). You see they succeeded in the end. What they were aiming for was to change lead to gold, what they finally achieved was to change worthless paper notes for gold!

They took all the gold and gave us useless paper debt notes in return and we did not even notice the switch! Money in the bank is only debt notes that one day will disappear from your account and will most probably be changed for a points system linked to your embedded microchip! Many folks have already lost their debt notes to the bankers in many countries including the UK and the U.S., but whether you do or do not lose your debt notes one day soon when they crash the banking system, whatever you buy will always belong to them and not you. That is how the debt note system works! You actually own nothing! The United Nations has it written down as law that we the people are actually paupers owning nothing. All we bought or inherited was purchased using the useless I.O.U debt notes issued to us by the international alchemists (bankers). According to the UN, citizens like you and I have no rights to ownership. Ownership rights are not absolute in other words. Land, if you have any, was loaned to you by way of debt notes, same with your house and car. And all this time you were absolutely convinced that you were free and not a slave! It is incredible how easy we can be fooled!


Just because people say things to us, like our government, or the law etc., does not make it true. Governments have a way of saying white when they mean black. They are trained experts in this field. For instance, something bad happens and the government gets blamed. The president or prime minister is forced out front to “categorically deny” any involvement in what happened. When they do this, you can accept it as fact that they are admitting their involvement. That is how it works. They are professional cheats and liars, pit vipers, wolves in sheep’s clothing - Fabian Socialists in other words!

Their New World Order then is complete poverty and slavery, just like it was under Russian communism. This time though, it is to be worldwide and not confined to one country. Russian communism of course was planned, funded, armed, set up, protected and funded thereafter on a yearly basis by western bankers like the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and Schiffs. The last dot in fact on official Russian intelligence (KGB) documents, if blown up in size, can be seen to sport the Illuminati pyramid of the Great Seal of the United States which adorns the US dollar! If ever proof of a worldwide conspiracy was required!


Getting back now to the Wizard of Oz. We know how the elite love to boast in books and films of their doings, plans and achievements. That is how they speak to occult members down the line. OK, so the wizard represents the international alchemist bankers, whilst the Land of Oz represents their gold – follow the yellow brick road! Oz is also a clever reference to the city of New York and Wall Street, the letters “O” and “Z” follow after the letters “N” and “Y”.

On the way, Dorothy meets the straw man. The straw man represents you and me, or rather, the straw man account made by the bankers for every child at birth. These straw men accounts are then used for trading on the international market. Each account has deposited in it a certain amount of money when it is created. Your original birth certificate can then be bought and sold around the world by other nations because it is known that during your lifetime you will most probably work, earn money and pay taxes. The taxes are collected by whoever holds your original certificate! You would see the truth of this if you demanded your original birth certificate which has the stamps of all the countries it has been traded in. The bankers use us a stock. When you were born, your father or someone else from your family ‘informed’ the bankers of your birth (as the informant noted on your certificate). From that information, your original certificate was produced that you never see. To learn more about this and of how we are owned and controlled by the bankers and their Maritime Law courts, you need to look at the videos put out by Illuminati puppet Jordan Maxwell who has been allowed to divulge many secrets about these subjects. Do not however, be fooled by the lies and deceit he teaches regarding Christianity! Rat poison is 99% good food and only 1% poison – always remember that fact! Kent Hovind is also an extremely good source for this type of information on the bankers and the New World Order, which is divulged in his CSE teaching seminars on Creation Science.


Another character Dorothy met along the way was the tin man. The tin man has no heart and represents international commerce. International commerce is both heartless and ruthless! It enslaves and murders the innocent poor of the world. The cowardly lion represents the British government, who, knowing full well what was going on, sat back and allowed the bankers to take control. Britain and its empire (which still exists) is completely owned and controlled by the bankers of City of London Corporation, as is the United States, the Federal Reserve, the Pentagon, NASA and the Vatican City.

The world is so very close to the end as we know it. The international bankers are now getting desperate to see their new world in action. To help set it in place they need a strong world leader – like a new Alexander the Great!


A possible psy-op hoax attempt by the CIA or the NSA (who are both controlled by Britain’s MI6) is being pushed at this very moment to set up their “AU” with a young man by the name of Supriem David Rockefeller, also known as Kris Raynes (aged 35 this year) at the helm. I have written about Supriem before. Wes Penre and his Illuminati News website was seemingly chosen by the elite to act as an internet mouthpiece for Supriem. His website had been on the go for around 10 years or so but was subsequently closed down at the request of Supriem as he told Wes that the time was not right. An e-book written by Wes and about Supriem’s case can be found at http:// . His website has subsequently been re-opened.


Now, Supriem and his team have put out a challenge to the world at large, to try and prove any connection between Supriem and Kris Raynes, stating that they will pay “one million of Supriem’s money” – whatever that means! What kind of money? Dollars? Euros? Monopoly money? Disneyland money? Obviously he has decided to play it safe! The other very strange point to note here is the remarkable resemblance of Supriem and Florida State’s Governator Schwarzenegger! Well they have made it known that details relating to his father are to remain secret – something that the elite are infamous for, producing illegitimate children and then fostering them out to other elite families. The most famous example being Sir Francis Bacon, illegitimate son of the queen of England at that time (Elizabeth I). It is known today that it was he who wrote the works of “William Shakespeare” and who also rose to the very top of the Freemasonic Rosicrucian order whose goal was to set up the United States as the powerhouse to reaching the occult’s New World Order or New Atlantis as Bacon saw it.

Wes Penre’s book on Supriem is 244 pages long and takes an incredible amount of determination and patience to go through due to the amount of utter nonsense it contains - not all due to Wes Penre and his beliefs, but more to do with the fairytales of the Illuminati elite. Fairytales about man’s origins! The majority of folks who come across this e-book would probably dismiss it as lunatic gibberish, but as it is time for the elite to come out of their closet so-to-speak, and set up their Allied Union, they have been busy behind the scenes of time putting together alternative information of where we came from and how and why they have been controlling us during the millennia. Their psy-op is more for information gathering, testing the water, and to promote alternative ideas to that of the Bible, making the Creator God Yahweh equal to the Pagan god Marduk, promoting the coming world banking crash and a new world currency, that gold will be completely devalued and left worthless, how Supriem is at the helm of everything on the planet (including what belongs to the Rothschild family – which I see as one of their big mistakes – it is obviously a lie), Freemasonry as the new world religion – i.e. Mormonism, the idea that Lucifer could be God, that the catastrophic events predicted for the end of 2012 will be natural and unavoidable when in fact it will be a Hollywood show - NASA Blue Beam Project - HAARP - in the air directed by the elite along with their weapons of mass destruction causing havoc with the ionosphere, thus affecting very gravely our weather patterns causing earthquakes, hurricanes tsunamis etc, the ridiculous hollow Earth theory and other nonsense like the alien threat that never seems to go away (nothing the elite will bring forward at that time, even flying saucers, will not have been manufactured anywhere other than upon this planet Earth), and of course, their crème de la crème - the Urantia book :


“The Urantia book is a momentous work consisting of 2,097 pages of material received from numerous celestial beings supposedly brought to the earth by superhuman, divine beings in 1934. It was brought to earth by the “Orvonton administrators” (p. 354), and the “...Nebadon commission of twelve acting under the direction of Mantutia Melchizedek,” (p. 1319). Its claim is that it is the “finest major divine revelation since the coming of Christ to our planet.”…

The Founder is a noted Chicago physician and psychiatrist Dr. Bill Sadler. The Urantia Book was delivered to him by seven spirit beings in 1934.
Between 1934 and 1956 a group of 36 people, who called themselves the Forum, met to study the original manuscripts of the Urantia Book. They incorporated in 1950 as the Urantia Foundation and the book was first published on October 12 1955. In 1996, the Foundation required the Brotherhood to stop using its name; they changed it to the Fifth Epochal Fellowship. The Foundation relented in 1999, and the Fellowship then changed its name to the Urantia Fellowship.” End of quote.


This book also surprisingly ‘predicts’ the appearance of current online weapons of mass destruction like HAARP. It also talks about crop circles and where they come from and how they are made. It is all fabricated lies of course (regarding crop circles that is), but it is enough to convince the uneducated and God rejecters of its ‘authenticity’.

Although I myself cannot offer the reader concrete proof – i.e., a photograph of the elite’s machinery for producing crop circles, they are actually produced using electromagnetic pulse wave technology fitted on board special aircraft and/or satellites. The designs of which are prewritten on computers and then sent to the desired spot on Earth via the aeroplane or satellite. It was not until 1975 that crop circles became more intricate and famous, which fact alone points to manmade technology! Making the ludicrous claim that crop circles go back centuries is employed to fool the lame minded. Early crop circles were very primitive and cannot be compared to those of today.

Now, do I believe that Supriem Rockefeller could possibly be The Antichrist? Never! Not even Obama could be this end time world leader! The Bible states quite clearly that this man of sin cannot be revealed until God’s Church be taken out of the way. Following extracts taken from pages 654, 655 of my book The best-Laid Schemes O’ Mice An’ Men...:

2 Thess. 2: 3, 4a: “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition, who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped…”

This verse tells us clearly that “a falling away first” must occur before the Antichrist can be revealed. Too many churches teach that this falling away is related to church memberships falling greatly. The NIV Bible uses the word “rebellion” instead of “falling away” which makes it sound like it truly is a rebellion against Yahweh that causes the rise of this Antichrist character, but the world has been in rebellion against the One True God since time began. In chapter twelve, “1st Sign ~ The Great Disappearance!”, I gave an alternative understanding of this “falling away” as “a drawing out from among” of Yahweh’s saints to meet Christ in the air. That understanding of “falling away” fits with verses 6-8 of 2 Thess:

“And now ye know what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time. For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way. And then shall that wicked be revealed…”

This is talking about something that is holding back the power of Satan, stopping him from placing his Antichrist end-time leader in position. Who or what could it be other than believers in Yashua Messiah Himself? Is that not the main reason then why Satan desires to attack Yahweh’s people with all his might anywhere and anyhow he can before they are taken out of the way? (End of quote).

Below extract is from chapter twelve, page 431:

2nd Thess. 2: 3, 4, 7, 8: "Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way, for that day (the day of the Lord, judgement day) will not come until the rebellion (he apostasia in the Greek which actually means ‘A falling away first’ or ‘The gathering together’) occurs and the man of lawlessness (or sin) is revealed, the man doomed to destruction. He will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God or is worshipped, so that he sets himself up in God’s temple, proclaiming himself to be God. For the secret power of lawlessness is already at work; but the one who now holds it back (believers in Christ, i.e., the Body of Christ) will continue to do so until he is taken out of the way. And then the lawless one will be revealed…"

(In 2nd Thessalonians 2:3, the Greek words are he apostasia. The word he is the article “the.” The prefix apo means “away from.” Having a circle, apo would be illustrated as a line in motion from the exterior of the circle to some distant point. Stasia means “to separate” or “draw out.” He apostasia is a separation away from, or a drawing out from among; it is the departure. Are The Dead Alive Now? P.38. third printing 1976. Victor Paul Wierwille, American Christian Press, The Way International, New Knoxville, Ohio 45871)


Because the elite worship their preferred “god of light and wisdom”, Lucifer, an alternative to the story of creation had to be put together. They are very serious about their alternative story even though it may sound comical to us! That being said, they have not at all been stupid or lax about gathering vital relics that abound on planet Earth that will aid them with their deceitful story. To go into that in great detail would take a few volumes so it would be better if you downloaded and began to watch Kent Hovind’s series on creation science where you will learn about the many giant skeletons that have been unearthed over the years that Kent has a perfectly sound explanation for and which involves his water canopy theory which would have been in place over the Earth up until Noah’s Flood.
His theory has actually been proven in the case of animals and plants whereby they grow many times larger than normal if you place them in special large tanks or greenhouses where the oxygen levels are increased. If the Earth did have a water canopy in the beginning, oxygen levels would have been greatly increased - as has also been proven by analysing samples of ice taken from deep below the surface! Alternatively, you could visit for fascinating video evidence of the TRUTH of the Bible and its incredible “stories” as unbelievers put it. There you will find the most important, vital info for solid proof of God’s Word and the deceitfulness of the elite and their Smithsonian Institute, Discovery Channel, National Geographic and the cowardly controlled media world.


Now regarding archaeology, my daughter Lana has been studying archaeology and therefore knows that there is a dark side involved. Whenever any unusual artefacts or oversize skeletons are dug up, an unknown team of experts move in and take over the site. Everything is carefully removed and disappears for good. No reports ever appear on TV or in any newspapers!

You see, nothing is as it seems, everything is controlled - even us! Controlled education, controlled medicine, controlled ‘Health Service’, controlled archaeology and controlled news! The elite own and control all!

Strange ‘ancient’ books have been appearing over time, like the ‘lost’ works of Nostradamus, the Kolbrin Bible and a few dubious so-called Biblical books like The Gospel of Thomas and The Book of Enoch etc. Some of them surprisingly speak in favour of the Illuminati elite’s claims – how convenient, seeing that they also control Hollywood and its brilliant team of ancient artefact makers! It is not to end though with a few dodgy books they manufactured themselves. They have much more up their sleeves. A false Arc of the Covenant for example? The real (or otherwise) Stone of Destiny that Israel’s kings were crowned on? ‘Alien’ skulls? Giant skeletons that they will say are not purely human? The skeleton of Jesus (Yashua) to ‘prove’ that He never really revived and ascended to be with The Father? What about some manmade ‘alien’ spaceships? What about the giant holograms they have ready to project high up in the air? What will you think when fire descends from the heavens by way of their space based MIRACL chemical lasers that circle the planet? How will you feel when they project the holographic image of Niburu approaching planet Earth and switch on all their HAARP machines worldwide, shaking the Earth to its core, causing massive earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes?

Just last year I came across this little interesting piece of info online. I think it was through Greg Szymanski talking to a guy by the name of Slats Grobnick, both of whom are obviously “plugged into the system!”:

“San Francisco and Damascus will be uninhabitable by the end of 2010... dramatic changes to your climate and weather conditions over the next few years, as the time of the Great Harvest approaches. You will see wind speeds surpassing 300 miles per hour at times. There will be raging tsunamis and widespread devastation; a solar emission in late 2009 early 2010 that will cause major melting of the icecaps, and subsequent drastic rise in sea levels, leaving many (international) metropolitan areas underwater.”

The Great Harvest of course is the slaughtering of innocent men, women and children worldwide by the elite as they cut the world population drastically!


You think they can’t do it? Don’t be deceived! They can do all that and more! They have invested multi-billions over the last 100 years in a myriad of Earth shaking scams. All to make the world believe that they are gods and that they deserve to rule over us! They aim to ‘prove’ that Christianity is false and that it is better to go back to what Pagans have done all through the Earth’s existence – worship Lucifer via nature worship and Sun worship. That is the bottom line. You can see it in all the symbols they use on the logos of their giant multi-nationals. To enter their New World Order, or Allied Union if you prefer, you will be absolutely required to bow the knee to Lucifer – make no mistake about it – nothing less will be accepted! They hate Christians, they hate atheists, and they also will hate anyone who will not bow down and accept their chosen god. Their god of ‘wisdom’ and ‘light’.

So it is choose your god time folks! In the blue corner we have Yahweh of Spiritual Armies, the Creator of the heavens and the Earth. In the red corner we have Lucifer/Satan/the Devil, the Great Red Dragon of old masquerading as the God of Wisdom and Light! You must make the choice!

Choosing none will leave you at the mercy of Lucifer’s followers in this life – however short a time period we have left, and will also book you an appointment at the final judgement of Yahweh and His Son where you will be judged by your works and the condition of your heart – your heart of hearts. Choosing Lucifer in order to save your skin and the skin of your family will mean a few more years of life on this planet and then the Fiery Lake – the second death. I do not recommend that pathway! Choosing the One True God of Creation, Yahweh of Spiritual Armies may also cause you to suffer here on Earth for a short period but the overall result will be more magnificent for you than you could possibly imagine! Those who seek to save their lives shall lose their lives (forever), and those who put the One True God first shall find their lives (eternally!)

The Bible tells us very clearly that the suffering of this world cannot be compared to the glory of the new world to come! This old world will actually be forgotten due to the greatness of our new life. There is no comparison! God’s Son Yashua will appear on Earth at the end of the tribulation period, destroy all evil and the people who follow after evil, set up His millennial kingdom and heal the Earth completely of its problems and ills. At the end of His thousand year reign on Earth, a new heaven and Earth will appear as described in the book of Revelation. This old Earth will pass away and all memory of it!


You see, it is because of Bible prophecies that speak of Yashua’s thousand year reign that Lucifer is working hard behind the scenes attempting to set up a counter kingdom to that of the Creator. He has fooled his followers into believing that they can defeat God’s plan. His followers believe the lie because they wish to live without any restrictions on them – they are lawless, just like their soon to appear world leader – the lawless one!

Can you see now what is behind this New World Order? Can you understand more clearly why the United Nations is an evil Luciferian institution? The Vatican as well is equally involved in this, so is NASA and the Pentagon. There is no way out for you. There is no escape! They have all areas of life covered. City of London Corporation international bankers/alchemists, the Rothschilds and their banking friends, who are all Luciferian, have everything under their control. They are crashing the banking system and enticing people to invest in gold. Their controlled opposition websites are screaming at folks to sell what they can and buy gold. What if they crash the banks and then declare that holding gold is illegal? What will you do with your gold? You can’t eat gold! What if our governments turn around and say that all gold must be handed over to the treasury department in order to save the country? It has happened before you know! In the United States, in 1933 it was announced by government that anyone who did not hand in their gold would be regarded as being a traitor to the State. Think it cannot happen again? What if they just decide to devalue gold?

Executive Order 6102 is an Executive Order signed on April 5, 1933 by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt "forbidding the Hoarding of Gold Coin, Gold Bullion, and Gold Certificates." It required all persons to deliver on or before May 1, 1933 all gold coin, gold bullion, and gold certificates owned by them to the Federal Reserve. Under the Trading With the Enemy Act of October 6, 1917, as amended on March 9, 1933, violation of Executive Order 6102 was punishable by fine up to $10,000


Although it is a certain fact of life that the elite hate the poor, which we witness on a daily basis, their main enemy at the moment are the middle class. They think too much. They are not as easy to control as the poor. For that reason they are out to destroy them, just as was done under Communism and Nazism. The New World Order is to be a mixture of Communism and Nazism which were both forms of Paganism/Luciferianism. They both depend on evolution being correct – that we are products of a big bang that came from nothing and that eventually produced a soup from billions of years of rain falling on the cooling rocky surface of the Earth. In other words, we are products of mere chance and our lives are worthless! We came from nothing and go back to nothing. That is how Nazis and Communists can so easily slaughter millions of people without it bothering them! So if you believe in evolution, welcome to your New World Order Allied Union!

If evolution is true, then Communism, Fascism, Nazism, Marxism etc are all good doctrines to follow after. They all go hand in hand. How can we tell right from wrong and who has any authority to tell us what is right and what is wrong? Murdering people is really an OK thing if we just evolved from a soup. Reducing the world population from 7 billion to a mere half billion is a great idea if we just happened by chance and are going nowhere anyhow. Mind control and microchips are perfectly fine if our most ancient grandfather was a rock that got rained on. Who cares about anything if we came from a wet rock?? What have we got to complain about?


Can you see where these insane theories lead? The Big Bang Theory, the Theory of Evolution? They are stupid evil manmade theories that came from the pits of Hell, from our controllers, the followers of Lucifer, the self proclaimed gods of this Earth, The Illuminati, Moriah Conquering Wind, The Angel in the Storm, The Columbians, Lucifer’s Elite, The 13 Illuminati Bloodlines! Whatever you prefer to call them. These theories, along with all the isms you can think of from Communism to Nazism to Marxism to Fascism to Terrorism – all came from these ruling 13 bloodlines who sold themselves out to Lucifer for riches and power. They have no choice but to make a strong concerted stand against the One True Creator God. They have to believe that their god Lucifer can outwit Yahweh and defeat His plans. They would rather be thrown into Hell, the Fiery Lake, than obey Yahweh’s rules because they prefer to live like gods while they are alive here on Earth. They prefer to torture and kill innocent men, women and children in order to keep their status as kings of the Earth, maintaining their power and riches. They prefer to sacrifice children to their god Lucifer than to feed and care for them as normal folks do.

People of the world – time has effectively come to an end. Time is up! It is time to make a stand and choose your God. Your future depends on your wise choice! – Edward Laughlan

“I myself am convinced that the Theory of Evolution, especially the extent to which it has been applied, will be one of the great jokes in the history books of the future. Posterity will marvel that so flimsy and dubious an hypothesis could be accepted with the incredible credulity that it has.” – Malcolm Muggeridge, journalist and philosopher, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

“Evolution is a fairytale for grownups. The theory has helped nothing in the progress of science. It is useless.” – Professor Louis Bounoure, director Strasbourg Zoological Museum.

“Evolution is unproved and un-provable. We believe it only because the only alternative is special creation, and that is unthinkable.” – Sir Arthur Keith writing in the forward to the 100th anniversary edition of Darwin’s book, Origin of Species, 1959.

“The [evolutionary] origin of bird is largely a matter of deduction. There is no fossil evidence of the stages through which the remarkable change from reptile to bird was achieved.” – W. E. Swinton, British Museum of Natural History, London.

“Other examples, including the much repeated ‘gradual’ evolution of the modern horse, have not held up under close examination.” – Biology, The Unity and Diversity of Life, Wadsworth, 1992, p. 304.

“Many examples commonly cited, such as the evolution of the horse family or of sabre tooth ‘tigers’ can be readily shown to have been unintentionally falsified and not to be really orthogenetic.” – George Gaylord Simpson, ‘Evolutionary Determinism and the Fossil Record’, Scientific Monthly, vol. 71 (Oct 1950), p. 264.


Made up by Othniel C. Marsh in 1874 from fossils scattered across the world, not from same location. Modern horses are found in layers with and lower than “ancient horses”. – Kruzkilin, Yu and V. Ovcharov, A Horse From The Dinosaur Epoch”, Moskovskaya Pravda (Moscow Truth), trans. A. James Mejnick (Feb 5th 1939)

The “ancient horse” (hyracotherium) is not a horse but is just like the hyrax still alive in Turkey and East Africa today! Ribs, toes and teeth are different. South American fossils go from 1 toed to 3 toed (reverse order).
“3 toed and 1 toed are found together in the same strata! See Frank Sherwin of ICR for more. and also Noah to Abram, The Turbulent Years, by Erich van Fange, p. 122.” – Kent Hovind


“Palaeontologists have tried to turn Archaeopteryx into an earthbound feathered dinosaur. But it is not. It is a bird, a perching bird. And no amount of ‘palaeobabble’ is going to change that!” – Alan Fedduccia, world authority on birds from UNC (University of North Carolina) Chapel Hill, quoted in “Archaeopteryx: Early Bird Catches a Can of Worms”, Science, Feb. 5th 1994, p. 764-5.

Above quotes taken from the research and teachings of Dr Kent Hovind and his Creation Science seminars.


Nathan Zamprogno said...

For Pete's sake, Kent Hovind is in jail for decade for TAX FRAUD. He's a 1-bit (2 bits would be flattery) con artist who believes dinosaurs are alive in well in Borneo, who believes that soy production is an attempt at government mind-control, and who believes UFOs built the pyramids.

Hardly the best testimony for your cause.

Nathan Zamprogno said...

Sorry... so sorry. I had a closer look at this site. I recant. Kent Hovind is a perfect for your poorly spelled, tinfoil-hat wearing website. Go ahead, invoke Kent. You deserve one another.

Eddie said...

Kent Hovind was not given anything like a fair trial. If you knew ANYTHING at all about the united States, the United States, and the UNITED STATES, you would research and think a little bit before you went around leaving insane comments on other folks blogs or websites. The tax system in the united States is not obligatory, it is voluntary for those who wish to hand over their money to the London Rothschild owned Federal Reserve. In the US Inland Revenue Code, it states that United States means District of Columbia. The IRS Code in other words is for all citizens who voluntarily agree that they are citizens of the United States, i.e., District of Columbia citizens. Americans have got to be trapped or tricked into thinking that they are citizens of Washington DC because there are no tax laws in existence. Kent was NOT allowed a proper trial. The U.S. is now a dictatorship governed from City of London Corporation!
I see you work in "education" in Australia - is that why you say that you are "an Christian?" I can easily see by your blogs that you are a New Ager and certainly not Christian! Your comment regarding Kent Hovind's belief that "UFO's built the pyramids" gives clear evidence of your lack of hearing and understanding plain English.
Before you attempt to make a fool of anyone else’s English, I suggest you pay for some English conversation classes yourself!