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A MUST READ, MUST SEE DOCUMENTARY by Dr. Leonard Horowitz. By reading through this transcript and/or watching the video, you will learn to discriminate between government lies and deceit as opposed to the truth. Afterwards, I urge you to watch a further documentary in no way associated with the Horowitz production, or read the letter from its producer and you will learn an even greater truth.
This Horowitz documentary exposes government lies and deceit. It also teaches you the shocking reality of what our governments are up to. The second documentary (HIV=AIDS: Fact or Fraud) will let you see where Dr. Horowitz stops short and misleads the public himself. The Illuminati controlling elite families are much much smarter than you would give them credit for. They have a habit of paying directors of films, book authors, doctors and scientists, to produce items that exposé evil and corruption, but that only go so far. It is called damage control. What it does is shock and infuriate us as to what is going on. It also makes us feel OK in that we feel good that at least someone out there is doing something about it. They do it all the time. That way, we can go back to our televisions and relax, knowing that at least something is being done or so we are led to believe! In reality nothing is being done, everything continues as is. I have pointed out before that Michael Moore is the most famous of these 'damage control propagators' that do the bidding of the elite, for money of course! I am reiterating this for those who have not read all my articles.

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The Horowitz documentary will show you that AIDS for instance is a U.S. factory produced disease used for population control. The second documentary will show you that AIDS, as we understand it, is all a myth. Yes, all a myth!! What actually kills so-called AIDS sufferers is the highly toxic medicine they are prescribed by their caring doctors that costs the patient up to $1000 per month to buy. The U.S. drug company, (Burroughs-Wellcome, now Glaxo-Smith-Cline) directly behind the scam, pull in around $1 billion per year selling the most poisonous drug known to mankind the drug itself, AZT, a highly toxic nucleoside analogue, designed to destroy the DNA of white blood cells, ends up destroying your whole body, causing a horrible and slow death. The controlled media prostitutes loyal to their Illuminati elite overlords will not dare speak out. After all, they could lose their jobs! 

AIDS is not contagious and for that reason, many medics who use the services of prostitutes have always demanded sex without condoms. Many people around the globe have HIV but remain perfectly healthy, until of course they go for an AIDS test and are frightened into taking the death medicine. From that day on, their days are numbered. More and more diseases are being added to the list of AIDS related diseases even cervical cancer. The industry scam must continue, new AIDS sufferers need to be added to the list daily. Around 400.000 Americans alone are estimated to have died from this wonder drug. At present, around 200.000 Americans are working to earn cash or are using their savings to buy this expensive rat poison in order that they too can die slowly and in agony over the next few years unbeknown to them of course!
In Africa, the so-called AIDS epidemic, is actually the same combination of problems that have been plaguing that nation for many centuries malnutrition, polluted water and lack of sanitation. If you have malaria or the common flu or certain other illnesses, the AIDS test can show you to be HIV positive! It is high time the lid was blown from this disgustingly evil lie. Our leading politicians, being liars themselves, are part and parcel of this scam. Please take time not only to watch these videos whilst they are still available, but also to spread the news. We are being led by a small but powerful band of the most disgusting, evil parasites the world has ever had the misfortune to know. Make your stand now, or risk death yourself when these same parasites make a deadly AIDS vaccine compulsory worldwide in order to drastically reduce the population. Pregnant women in the U.S. are being forced to take this killer drug if found to be HIV positive. If they refuse - they can lose their children. HIV is not AIDS! Our freedoms are disappearing fast. First the U.S. next, the world! If you feel that you do not have time to educate yourself, make time! It could save your life or the lives of your loved ones.
Edward Laughlan

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In association with Op/Ed Films

November 2007
Hello, I am Dr. Leonard Horowitz. What you are about to watch is a documentary critical of the roles national leaders, trusted medical doctors and the Central Intelligence Agency have played in advancing the War on Cancer, the War on AIDS and now, the War on Bioterrorism.

In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood and Bioterrorism.

By Sir Leonard G. Horowitz DMD, MA, MPH, DNM, DMM

(Video transcribed by Edward Laughlan, Puerto de Santa María, July 2008)

Shortened intro: Dr. Horowitz worked for the Henry Schein Company as chief professional advisor. Henry Schein is the world's largest dental and medical catalogue supply company. He published books and tapes using his knowledge of the behavioural sciences and also published dozens of scientific articles. He taught on lecture circuits between 1990-93 where he personally trained around 30.000 healthcare professionals in the psychology and clinical practices of infection control.
Dr. Horowitz: But the government and my employer did not like my research. The controversy I created by publishing reports that conflicted [with] what officials were saying, based on my use of the FBI's official methods and materials, resulted in my corporate dismissal and blacklisting from lecture circuits of all dental and medical associations. Because of this, you might think that I have an axe to grind, or that I am biased against the government. In short, I have been character assassinated sufficiently to say, it is easy to assassinate a messenger. IT IS A LOT HARDER FOR INTELLIGENT PEOPLE TO DISMISS AN HONEST, WELL DOCUMENTED, MESSAGE.

This controversial programme examines the wars in which we have invested, from an alternative perspective. The purpose of this film is to help explain how or why we have technologically advanced, yet declined in health, freedoms and quality of life. Currently showing on televisions around the world via satellite is the United States Department of Health and Human Services History of Bioterrorism. This programme, featured in a new 24hr preparedness programme network, was co-produced with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security with the CIA's involvement. It is said to be an educational encouragement to prepare you and your family for threatened, virtually impending catastrophes, especially bioterrorist and nuclear attacks. The network's featured documentary History of Bioterrorism, provides the opportunity to critically examine whether or not officials representing our government are telling us enough of the truth to make informed choices, impacting life or death.

Many critical choices now need to be made; the government explains this for your health and safety. Without honest information, your decisions might literally kill you or your loved ones. That is why this programme is so important. This documentary provides honest messages, proven with visible documents reflecting the most disturbing political and scientific history ever recorded. Controversial as this is, it is also sufficient for your needs to gain a balanced view that government officials are not providing, and be well informed and thereby be empowered to make several life saving decisions that health officials are now encouraging us to make."

(The official cartoon made to indoctrinate fear and terror in U.S. schoolchildren is now shown, called: Duck and Cover, and features Bert the Turtle!)

... You might recall that during the 1950's and early 60's, schoolchildren throughout America were required to brace themselves beneath their desks at schools in defence of [against] a Cold War nuclear weapons attack. I remember as a child how completely absurd this was in the event a nuclear bomb were to explode within a 100 miles of my classroom as I was shown repeatedly the devastating effects relayed by television and movie theatre newsreels. The waves of destruction spread hundreds of miles around ground zero leaving nothing but ashes and debris. Only recently did I learn that those civil defence procedures were generated by nuclear weapons industry leaders in collaboration with our elected officials who pledged, this defence of our nation was required to maintain the world's balance of powers, economic stability and military might.

This documentary examines the government's latest efforts to get you to duck and cover. It exposes the CIA and puppet politicians operating as prostitutes for multi- national corporate criminals, behind whose policies for preparedness lies genocide!"

(An advertisement is now shown for the HHS 24hr programme [Health and Human Services] that illustrates U.S. mind controlling fear tactics: Happy, sexy voiced lady: Coming up next, discover how bioterrorism has been used historically and in the present on History of Bioterrorism, and actor Andre Braugher looks back on the biggest flu epidemic in history on Standing in The Safety Zone Baltimore Remembers the 1918 Flu Epidemic, and what every family needs to know about potential Flu Pandemic on Keeping Our Children Safe and Secure Pandemic Flu and Emergency Safety Preparedness, coming up on HHS network.)

Genocide: The mass killing or enslaving of people for profit, politics, and/or ideology. Could this be happening... in America?

As you are about to learn, the real bioterrorists produce illegitimate programming, called propaganda, for profit. The real villains are those who spread fear and loathing for financial gain, power and control... To the extent that populations are becoming increasingly dependent, virtually enslaved, to drugs called drug dependencies the politics, policies and profiteering of pharmaceutical firms and those who run them is genocidal! Most people realise that wars of any kind make money for arms dealers, industry manufacturers, and stocks, bonds and futures investors. The wars against infectious diseases and cancers is no different. The War on Cancer, the War on AIDS, the battle against breast and prostate cancers, children's tumours, diabetes and heart diseases, is no different. Many industries and officials thrive off this sickness. Could all of these declared wars including the War on Terrorism and medically frightening Bioterrorism, be part of an economic and political ploy by inside traders? Or, un-American traitors, wielding the mass media for deception? Let's see:
In 1963 a global policy think tank met at Iron Mountain near Hudson, New York to discuss the possibilities for economic sustainability in a world without war. You may have heard it said that money makes the world go round. Well most intelligent people knew at that time that war economies kept bankers and businessmen most profitable. So the big question asked and answered in the report from Iron Mountain on the desirability and possibility of peace, regarded the possibility of transitioning into the 21st century keeping growing populations manageable and large corporations in business. The participants at Iron Mountain considered the functions of war as necessary, for political, economic and social progress. The functions of war, they wrote, are co-essential to the survival of social systems we know today. Under political requirements, the report stated that: A viable political substitute for war must posit a generalized external menace to each society, of a nature and degree sufficient to require the organization and acceptance of political authority.

In other words: A form of controlled life with threats other than large scale devastating wars was considered. A way to control populations without destroying expensive infrastructures, roads, utilities and real estate as in past world wars. This report provided economic substitutes for war, and suggested developing a comprehensive Social Welfare program and a giant open ended Space Research program. Both of which we have today. [Remember, these are only two of many alternatives to sending your people off to war in order to control them and kill them slowly, our social welfare hospital system and space Political substitutes for war included quote: An omnipresent virtually omnipotent international police force. The current global war on terrorism assures this. And fictitious alternative enemies about which this document speaks is evident in today's focus on terrorism. But who are the deadliest terrorists really? [Pictures of George W. Bush and friends are used as backdrop to this question.] The contemporary terrorists seek social control through a quote: modern, sophisticated form of slavery. Ecological bioterrorism and human genetic destruction was also recommended by the report from Iron Mountain. They suggested quote: a comprehensive program of applied eugenics. That means genetically culling and killing perceived social misfits or having them die from environmental toxicity... besides space research and social welfare, this concept of eugenic genetic control.
In essence, these policy analysts representing global industrialists concluded that viable alternatives to traditional warfare could be made available to keep the world's economies going, and, the burgeoning populations, controlled.

Jim Marrs, journalist and author of: Rule by Secrecy
It might come as a shock to many people, but the form of government we have in this country today basically is socialistic. We have social programs for everything. We have educational programs to bring the curriculum around to what the National Education authorities want, and basically we have a socialist program, but instead of the benefits going to the people, the benefits go to the corporations, okay, so I think anyone who stops and looks at it would agree that we have socialism geared to benefit the multinational corporations. Now, interestingly enough, this is pushed along with a fervent nationalism what's good for GM (General Motors) is good for the country, okay, and our country right or wrong, and we are gonna go along and take our freedom and democracy to some other country if you don't like it, we'll invade you and occupy you, okay. Now what does that tell us? It tells us that the form of government that we are operating under today is National Socialism and that should come as a shock to many people, particularly when you consider that National Socialism in Germany, shortened down, means Nazi! Because the Nazi Party was the National Socialist German Worker's Party... that was a form of fascism, and the man who coined the term fascism was Benito Mussolini in Italy. But Benito... himself said that fascism really wasn't the proper term. It more correctly should have been called corporatism! And that is simply when you have the corporations running the country and controlling the government. Now this is what we saw in fascist Italy... in Nazi Germany... the difference is this. In those countries, but before WWII, the state took over the corporations. In the United States today, the corporations have taken over the state. But the end result is the same!

Dr. Horowitz: Consistent with the report from Iron Mountain, United States government records show a definitive genetics eugenics depopulation campaign was well under way by the early 1970's. Here for instance is a copy of a National Security Memorandum 200 (NSSM 200) which called for massive Third World depopulation:

NSSM 200
December 10, 1974
Classified by Karry C. Blaney, III
Subject to general declassification schedule of executive order 11452 automatically downgraded at two year intervals and declassified on December 31, 1980
This document can only be declassified by the White House.

Dr. Horowitz: This (above report) was compiled by request of America's nuclear weapons guru Dr. Henry Kissinger, the National Security Advisor under Richard Nixon, overseeing the CIA, the FBI and Foreign Policy.

If you have been wondering why we have both nuclear weapons and... biological weapons... deployed around the planet, an investigation of Kissinger and Rockefeller is completely condemning! Read along with me this document classified by Kissinger concerning his plan to reduce Third World populations. It reads quote:

There is a major risk of severe damage to world economic, political, and ecological systems and, as these systems begin to fail, to our humanitarian values... The urban slum dwellers (though apparently not recent migrants) may serve as a volatile, violent force which threatens political stability... In international relations, population factors are crucial in, and often determinants of, violent conflicts in developing areas... There is no simple approach which will solve the population problem. The complex social and economic factors involved call for a comprehensive strategy... At the same time, actions and programs must be tailored to specific countries and groups.

Dr. Horowitz: According to Time Magazine's managing editor, Walter Isaacson, whose biographies include Kissinger, having served the fledgling CIA as a Nazi hunter at the end of WWII, Kissinger was ordered to bring Nazi's, not to justice in the Nuremberg Trials, but to America, to serve in high level military and industrial positions. Here is the classified document showing his top secret Nazi exploitation program was carried out under the codename Project Paperclip. [Document shown on screen].

Chief officials in the Nazi Party ran a company called IG Farben. They were contracted with Rockefeller's Standard Oil Company to develop rubber and purchase oil to gain the fuel for Hitler's war machine. Chief Counsel and intelligence officer for the Rockefeller's Standard Oil Company was... Allen Dulles. Here, from CBS News, award winning correspondent Paul Manning, from his timeless text, Martin Bormann Nazi in Exile, is a photograph of CIA director Allen Dulles next to IG Farben president and Rockefeller partner, Herman Schmitz. Among Paperclip Nazis that went to work for the U.S. Navy was Eric Traub and his assistant Ann Berger. In 1951, Traub worked for the Naval Medical Research Institute laboratory in Bethesda. His work with Berger included investigating 40 strains of highly infectious viruses. Eric Traub was Hitler's top biological weapons developer. So America actually inherited Hitler's biological warfare program and Kissinger knew all about it. Two decades later, Kissinger was positioned in the Nixon White House by vice president Nelson Rockefeller, who also appointed Henry to direct the Council on Foreign Relations Study Group concerning the deployment of nuclear weapons throughout Europe. This is how America came to develop with the help of Kissinger and the CIA, its modern arsenals of nuclear and biological weapons. 

It was a sweet marriage between the economic and political interests, government and private industry, directed secretly through covert intelligence. Now there is one other official policy to consider as we begin this critical analysis of the United States government's featured programme, History of Bioterrorism. A most important policy transition occurred over the past few decades that few people know about and essential to this examination of the government's true history of bioterrorism, disregarded, even censored, by officials.
Just two decades after the report from Iron Mountain was released and its policies enacted, a policy transition known as The Revolution in Military Affairs occurred. This transition is formally credited to the United States Army's War College that issued a report on its revolution in 1994, but many of its strategies for population control began years earlier as you can see in this publication from the 1960's. How important is this revolution?

Revolution in Military Affairs

... And, we shall see, the manner in which we use our resources undoubtedly has a great influence on the thinking of millions of people throughout the world. The thoughts and attitudes of these millions are of paramount significance since the mind is one of the most important battlegrounds of the Cold War.
This new type of military action emphasises warfare, mistakenly called, non-lethal. The weapons deployed in this revolution, like cancer viruses, are deadly, but they kill slowly, and most expensively through medical management. These non-lethal armaments include the use of toxic, biological, chemical and electromagnetic technologies including genetically modified micro organisms called GMO's used to slowly, but surely, make people sick. Here is where the use of the media, especially Hollywood comes in. Critical for the success of these weapons of mass destruction and these secret military operations, is what is called Command and Control Warfare (C2W). Officials at the War College were very concerned that these new systems of control may run contrary to American values and that their introduction might be opposed by quote: unconditioned individuals, so the media has been used to change American values and condition everyone to accept new wars and methods of conducting war. Infusion of psychiatric teachings into American government academic institutions, schools and companies, applied propaganda methods intensively. A specialised part of this revolution in military affairs involved chemical as well as biological weapons. This warfare provides a key for criminal cover which is called, plausible deniability. Experts say the CIA uses this all the time to get away with assassinations and other crimes. Worst of all, no effective cures can be found while the scientific community debates for decades about what is actually causing the many contemporary sicknesses and diseases experts increasingly say are related to this one toothed punch chemical and biological intoxication!

Watch now as we begin the United States government's version of History of Bioterrorism:

Joanne Cono, MD, ScM
Centre for Disease Control and Prevention
The idea of using disease as a weapon gained a new level of sophistication in the 1930's as nationally funded research programs on biological warfare developed. The Japanese had a very active offensive bio-warfare research program which included a battalion known as 731. In their program, the Japanese conducted experiments on humans using 15-20 different disease causing agents with anthrax being one of their favourites. Allied prisoners of war and innocent Manchurian civilians in nearby villages provided an almost endless supply of experimental subjects. When word of unit 731 reached to the west, allied forces began their own programs, concerned that Japan and possibly Germany would gain a military advantage in bio-warfare research. 

In 1942 on Gruinard Island off the coast of Scotland, the British conducted their first scientifically controlled bio-warfare field trials. Scientists exploded anthrax bombs near immobilised sheep to determine if the spores would survive an explosion and retain the ability to infect anyone nearby. Test results showed that anthrax could in fact be effectively dispersed by explosive devices and could also remain viable in the soil for decades. This brought home the realisation that if an anthrax bomb were dropped on a city like London, the results could have been catastrophic. Gruinard Island was declared off-limits until it was decontaminated in the 1980's... Like our allies, the United States responded to the perceived threats from Germany and Japan. In 1943 we began an offensive biological program with a modest research and development facility at Camp Detrick which is now Fort Detrick, Maryland. By the end of the program we had weaponised a total of 7 incapacitating or lethal human agents including anthrax. In 1969, Richard Nixon renounced the use of biological weapons for the United States...

Dr. Horowitz: Now here is Dr. Joanne Con... o from the U.S. Centre for Disease Control providing several half-truths and even complete lies! The most amazing thing of all is she doesn't even know she is dispensing deception as a propagandist! How is this possible? It's the same for most of the doctors and health officials you are about to meet. First of all this doctor was selected to perform as a pleasant looking, obviously intelligent, expertly trained, trustworthy physician getting paid to read a script! You can assume that while she thinks she is serving the best interests of our nation, all she really knows is what was given to her to read from a script on the left side of her camera. If she was really an expert, not simply made to look like one, she would know after critically reviewing text books, congressional records, and several history books on biological warfare, that some of her dates are off and all of her information is misleading!

Before I evidence these facts, allow me to provide some commentary on how it is possible that Dr. Cono's participation in this C2W psy-ops could be effected without her even knowing it. Many of you have seen or heard about the movie The Manchurian Candidate. Hypnotised government assassins who, like Dr. Cono here, had no idea they were being used to kill. They were mind controlled and behaviourally engineered to serve unwittingly, military agendas and CIA programs. Medical education relies on many of the same training methods. Medical schools conduct a virtually hazing process they call professional training. After prolonged intense studies and life and health jeopardising clinical exposures, medical residents are deprived of sleep sometimes for days!

This form of high stress, trauma-based education is completely consistent with standardised techniques used in mind control and cult indoctrination programs. This is commonly called, brainwashing, but it is really a subtle form of hypnosis that relies on fear and trauma to capture and control your attention and shape your behaviour. The end result is you get a heavily trained, ego centric professional that earnestly believes they are operating for the public's greatest good, and, arrogantly defends their actions based on the limiting science that they have learned. Many people are offended by this egoist attitude in medicine, but few realise it is rooted in the same German psychiatry that proclaimed at the gates of Auschwitz that Work Makes You Free.

Unlike most cult followers however, who know who their leaders are, Dr. Cono here, has no idea she is mostly serving the Rockefeller family. She probably never learned that the Nazi Party partners Rockefellers monopolised American medicine and public health by the early 1930's. This not so gentle redirection of American medicine was largely due to the prostitution of Abraham Flexner, cited by Time magazine as the Autocrat of the Moneybags. In 1940, Flexner operated for the Carnegie and Rockefeller Foundation's fortunes to extend their medical monopoly. Naturally these changes in healthcare were said, by these profiteers, to be in the best interest of public health. But they insisted in quashing all medical competition in the natural healing arts and sciences, including the professions of quiropractic, natural medicine, herbology, homeopathy, acupuncture, massage, essential oils and most forms of energy medicine.

These wealthy industrialists politically contrived their exclusive control over medical education. They exclusively emphasised the most profitable approaches to healthcare. They funded only students, faculties and academic institutions that served their needs for drug sales and profitability. This is how the pharmaceutical industry assumed its awesome control over healthcare, and, our lives! Dr. Cono makes other nations, including the Japanese, appear evil for their human rights violations, using allied prisoners of war and Mongolians for biological weapons experiments. But even a superficial review of history books and medical journals, shows America's entities did the same or even worse!

(video extract shown, possibly HHS 24hr):

Partners in Discovery
Government Academia industry
Voiceover: Funding for the Health Century has been provided by these partners in discovery who have joined together to mark the centennial of the National Institute of Health and America's unique partnership of government, academia and industry for the advancement of biomedical research: [To be understood as biomedical warfare on the public - Ed.]

American Home Products Company
Bristol-Meyers Company
Burroughs Wellcome Co.
Ciba-Geigy Corp.
Eli Lilly and Company
Hoffman-LaRouche Inc.
Johnson and Johnson
Merck and Co., Inc.
Pfizer Inc.
Schering-Plough Foundation
SmithKline Beckman corp.
Squibb Corp.
The Upjohn Company
Warner-Lambert Company

Dr. Horowitz: Are these Anglo-American corporations any less criminal than the Japanese military organisations Dr. Cono recalled? And her date is off! It was 1941, according to this text of the United States Congressional Record, that America's biological weapons program began under the direction of George W. Merck, president of the German drug giant, the Merck Pharmaceutical Company.

How many people recall the Tuskegee Syphilis Study [in Alabama] conducted by the United States Public Health Service, infecting 400 black men with the deadly syphilis bacteria? Few people ever heard about the Rockefeller Institute's Puerto Rican cancer experiment of 1932 that killed at least 13 people by injecting them with cancer viruses. 

The Tuskegee experiment victims remained untreated as part of their study until 1972 after which, many more died of diseases associated with their infections. Yet even these damaging experiments pale by comparison to the deaths and disease caused by Merck pharmaceutical company's recent release of Vioxx. This harmed millions of people worldwide prior to the company pulling it from the market. So America was by no means lagging behind the Nazi's, the Japanese or even the Russians in administering atrocities as Dr. Con... o leads you to believe. Suspiciously, you can't even read the secret document the government presents here to support its claims [document shown is blurred]. But you can read the ones I am about to present. Dr. Cono contends that the Detrick operation was quote: a modest research and development facility, end quote. In fact, Detrick's own history recalls it being a large sophisticated biological warfare testing centre:

The facility employed some 300 scientists, including 240 microbiologists, 40 of whom had PhD's, 250 specialists in other disciplines ranging from plant pathology to mathematical statistics and between 700 and 1000 supporting staff. The operations occupied some 1230 acres of federally owned land upon which 450 structures were maintained. It produced annually around 900.000 mice, 50.000 guinea pigs, 2500 rabbits and 400 monkeys. There was also a large corral area for holding larger animals such as horses, cattle and sheep. The cost of running Detrick's biological weapons research alone was reported as $21.9 million in 1969.

Dr. Horowitz: And here's another fact, by the falsely alleged end of Fort Detrick's biological weapons program in 1969, there were not simply 7 germs that America had weaponised. Conservatively there were thousands when you include the bio-terrorising cancer viruses and other germs being cloned, mutated and mass produced for global distribution in support of the drug cartels burgeoning cancer industry. This developing cancer industry really got a shot in the arm back in the 1950's when the first polio vaccines, produced from contaminated monkey kidney tissues containing cancer viruses, were being tested and injected in millions of people worldwide.

The cancer virus was later identified as SV40. It was determined to cause cancer in nearly every species it was injected. After scientists and informed industrialists realised these vaccines were going to produce epidemics of cancer, cartel officials within the National Cancer Institute started a special virus-cancer program, the SVCP, in 1962 according to secreted documents. Here is simply a partial list of the deadly viruses they created in labs by 1971. These included leukemia viruses, lymphoma viruses, sarcoma viruses, encephalitis agents, genital herpes, Hodgkin's disease, influenza, infectious mononucleosis, kuru that is the mad cow disease prion, breast tumour viruses, and much much more! 

(Extracts from shown list):

A12540 Adenovirus 12 + SV-40
A2540 2 + SV-40
Ad 2P 2 + para influenza
Ad 7 7
Al Acute leukemia
ALL Acute lymphocytic leukemia
ALL1 Acute lymphocytic leukemia + influenza
ALL P1 + para influenza
AM BL American Burkitt's lymphoma
AML Acute myelogenous leukemia
AM MOL Acute myelogenous leukemia + monocytic leukemia
AMOL Acute monocytic leukemia
Arbo Arthropod-borne virus
AT MON Atypical monocytosis
Au Ag Australia antigen
Bac Agt Bacterial agent
BL Burkitt's lymphoma
BoL Bovine leukemia
CA Condyloma acunatum
CCHy Congenital cerebral hiperplasia
CF Control familial
C H Chediak Higashi

Some others as examples:
Chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Chronic myelogenous leukemia
Congenital stem cell leukemia
Dawson's encephalitis
Ecovirus 9
Erythroid leukemia
H 1 virus
H. genitalis
H. simplex
Hodgkin's disease
Herpes virus
Infectious mononucleosis
Kuru (mad cow disease prion)
Mammary tumour
Miscellaneous leukemia
Moloney sarcoma virus
Moloney sarcoma virus + leukemia
[Etc., etc., etc!]

Sure, President Nixon renounced the use of biological weapons in 1969, as a political ploy! In fact, here is what really happened. Trickie Dickie, as he was called back then, lied! As you can read here from the prestigious scientific journal Nature, quote:

By 1970, a year after Nixon ratified the Geneva Protocol, nothing had changed except the public's perception of CBW risk... [Chemical & biological weapons] rather than receive the promised annual cut in biological warfare research funding, the DOD's (Dept. Of Defence) BW budget increased from $21.9 to $23.2 million... the stockpiled bio-weapons Nixon pledged would be rapidly destroyed, remained intact in Pine Bluff, Arkansas... and the announced transition of Fort Detrick from a BW testing facility to a solely defensive NIH run health research lab had not occurred.

So it can be seen that Dr. Cono's propaganda simply reflects her ignorance, or is it professional negligence, to allege lies are honest truths? Is it unjust, or too blunt to conclude, Dr. Cono is a professional prostitute for drug cartel influenced governments. Before deciding to condemn me for saying that, or her, listen to the differences between what federal authorities want you to believe, versus what leading text books on biological warfare has to say about the lacking difference between offensive and defensive biological weaponry.

[In other words, it does not matter at all what your government tells you regarding defensive or offensive biological investigative research technology. They both mean that your government is developing biological weapons to use against the populations of the world including you! It is nothing more than a word game to con us! Ed.]

Chapter 5. The Fallacy of Defensive Biological Weapons Programs

From the point of view of a target population, the notion of an effective defence against such agents is misleading. Neither individuals nor populations can be vaccinated against all possible naturally existing strains and variants of viruses that might be used as weapons... The use of recombinant DNA technologies to alter viruses limits the possibilities even against specific strains.

... There was a revolution in military affairs taking place at this time. Older biological weapons, methods of culturing and cloning them, mutating germs and mass producing viruses, even recombining bacterial and viral genetics were being advanced with new bio-technology. So the focus on weapons of mass destruction shifted from simple infectious disease producers to the realm of immunological attackers using cancer viruses manufactured in labs. These two agendas both heavily featured a new field called retro virology that included the production of AIDS-like and Ebola-like immune system destroyers for both germ warfare and population control.

Bio-weapons were cheaper to make and could be made to target certain people, even certain ethnic groups. There is no doubt that Fort Detrick's sudden cancer focus was part of a greater depopulation plan. (The War on Cancer = The Cancer Solution). According to congressional records, and his biographer Time Magazine's managing editor, Walter Isaacson, Kissinger selected the option presented by admiral Sunvault [? Impossible to distinguish correct spelling of name] to develop AIDS-like and Ebola-like bio-weapons, and the contract went to his White House colleagues company Litton Bionetics. There is now no doubt that Dr. Robert Gallo officiated the development of these AIDS complex viruses. His group at Bionetics combined leukemia, lymphoma, and sarcoma viruses from various species of animals nearly 15 years before he was credited by the Department of Health and Human Services for having discovered the cause of AIDS a similar retrovirus! They said this would lead to a cure an AIDS vaccine within three years. It never happened!

Extracts from shown chart:
Fig 6.5 Development of AIDS-like viruses by Robert Gallo and associates at the National Cancer Institute and Litton Bionetics.
In 1971, Gallo and co-workers reported that a simian foamy virus (SFV) a common contaminant of monkey kidney cells used to make vaccines was the only one of 27 then known retroviruses, containing reverse transcriptase, that could not cause cancer in humans. For this reason, little attempt to remove them from cancer virus cell cultures and viral vaccines was made.
Gallo's group at the NCI and Litton Bionetics also experimented with other simian and human cancer viruses. (e.g., SV40), and developed recombinants (i.e., mutants) of these with other viral nucleic acids including those that caused the prominent features of AIDS WBC (white blood cell) dysfunction, leukemia's, lymphomas, sarcomas, progressive wasting, and ultimate death in cats, mice, chickens, and humans. All this in the likely presence of other easily mutated retrovirus contaminants.

Finally, these and other NCI investigators injected such mutant viruses into human WBC and fetal tissue cultures to enable them to infect humans and even transmit these same diseases.

[National Cancer Institute investigators also work for the Department of Defence - Ed.]

Dr. Horowitz: These documents, (Litton Bionetics Research Laboratories, Inc. [NIH-71-2025]. Title: Investigation of Viral Carcinogenesis in Primates) including the U.S. government contracts, best explain how AIDS emerged on two far removed continents in black Africans and gay New Yorkers by 1978. These were precisely the populations that received the first hepatitis B vaccines produced in Litton's chimpanzees just four years earlier! [We are being convinced here that AIDS really exists - you must watch the other video I spoke about, (HIV=AIDS: Fact or Fraud) put together by a group of people who know clearly that this is a demonic lie!]

"... Dr. Jonathan Mann, AIDS Czar for the World Health Organisation, quit his prestigious position saying: Far more than a medical problem, AIDS is a socio-political imposition.
... Generally trusted vaccines the sacred cow of public health given mostly to our nation's youth said to have contributed most to combating infectious diseases, are alternatively, the world's worst curse and nightmare! The third and final document in this stunning sequence comes from the same National Cancer Institute and National Public Health Service report. Here is the historic account of American biologists and virologists transferring the most sophisticated bio-weapons of mass destruction to Soviet scientists during the Cold War... These documents provide conclusive evidence that the NCI molecular biologists, including Dr. Robert Gallo, traded America's most advanced secrets in bio-weapons production with precise methods and materials for cancer induction, genocidal weapons preparation, and bacteriological and virological bio-terrorism, with their Russian counterparts and others, during the Cold War!"

Exploiting the genetic engineering (microbe mutating) technology provided by NCI investigators at the time, Kissinger and the Rockefellers were deploying profitable weapons of mass destruction... This grossly evidences a global conspiracy to commit treason and genocide against humanity with all biology at risk.
Autoimmune diseases most commonly come from vaccines injecting foreign proteins into your blood. These form antigenic complexes that confuse your immune system. Instead of simply killing germs, your immune defences start attacking your own body.
Legionnaire's disease came, likewise, from labs. It was named from its apparent test on veterans attending the American Legion's Bicentennial Convention in Philadelphia, July 21-24, 1976 at the Bellevue, Stratford Hotel. The aerosolised germ killed 34 and sickened 221.

Below: New York Times, Sepp Hasslberger and Time Magazine extracts added by Edward Laughlan.

Published: August 1, 2006

... As the news began to break... Americans were primed for the threat of an epidemic. The Ford administration was making plans to vaccinate every American against a new strain of influenza known as swine flu, after repeated warnings from government officials that a devastating epidemic could strike without warning. Michael Crichton's Andromeda Strain had become a best seller. [This is always going to be the big threat from our governments forced vaccines tainted with cancer viruses! Note as well the perfect timing of Crichton's book which was no doubt written using inside information in order to create an enormous scare among the public. We must always be attentive to their despicable ploys! Being planned at the moment remember is the so-called Avian Flu Pandemic. Again, this is laborat-ory produced and is actually being added to medicines like Flu Mist and possibly Tamiflu. The administration of these medicines will actually cause the pandemic. They need to reduce the population so what better way to accomplish it! Google Tamiflu danger and Flu Mist danger. Flu Mist may hold in its ingredients the two genes that are missing from the Avian Flu. It also gives you the flu and makes you contagious due to the fact that it contains live viruses instead of dead ones! - Ed.]

Taken from Sepp Hasslberger's news blog:

From a communication issued by Eileen Dannemann director of the National Coalition of Organized Women, October 11, 2005:
Researchers and scientists recommend an emergency restraining order on Med Immune Vaccines, Inc., FLU MIST
According to research team, Dr. Mark and David Geier, the current flu vaccines are not only ineffective against the expected Avian Bird Flu pandemic but the FDA Approved thimerosal/mercury-free FLU MIST (MedImmune Vaccines, Inc., Gaithersburg, MD) vaccine may create a super strain virus plague's, warns Dr. Mark Geier.
The well respected research team has already alerted members of the medical community in Washington, DC recommending that any support for the FLU MIST vaccine be withdrawn immediately and a restraining order be issued to the vaccine manufacturers. The immediate and present danger lies in the suspicion that FLU MIST contains the 2 exact genes that the avian flu is missing... Additionally, because FluMist contains live influenza viruses, there is the possibility with the widespread use of FluMist, that an individual might have a second concurrent viral infection (such as the avian bird flu) occur, with the possibility that the live viruses from the FluMist recombine/re-assort with the second viral infection to produce a super virus.
It is obvious from the extensive list of persons who might be at risk if exposed to a FluMist vaccine recipient within 21 days of vaccination, along with potential ability of the live influenza viruses within FluMist to recombine/re-assort with other viruses, that the continued use of FluMist presents a significant potential danger to the health and well-being of a wide segment of the population. This raises major concerns about the wisdom and ethics of recommending the use of FluMist for use in the general population.

Time in partnership with CNN
Danger from the Bird-Flu Drug?
Tuesday, Mar. 20, 2007 By BRYAN WALSH/TOKIO
In 2004 a 17-year-old boy in the Japanese town of Gero suddenly ran out of his home and into the middle of a busy street, where he was struck and killed by a truck. In 2005 a 14-year-old boy Chiryu got out of bed, climbed the wall outside his parent's ninth-floor apartment and dropped from the edge. And last month, in two separate incidents, a 14-year old male and a 14-year old female fell to their deaths from their respective high-rise apartment buildings. No one left a suicide note. What they have in common is that each victim took the influenza antiviral Tamiflu shortly before they died. According to the Japanese Health Ministry, 54 people have died after taking Tamiflu the drug governments around the world have stockpiled for use against avian flu.

Dr. Horowitz: Knowing for example that American military labs created AIDS, the Russian military and Soviet media had a field day and the opportunity to produce this comic. This was widely circulated in Russia during the 1980's. Here, American biological contractors working for the National Cancer Institute are depicted exchanging a test tube full of AIDS viruses with a U.S. military officer, who pays cash for the bio-weapon... [Again - we are being convinced here, this time with the help of the Russians, that AIDS is for real!]

Meet the CIA's leading bio-terror propagandist, who along with our grand Dr. William Patrick the III officiated the development of the world's deadliest anthrax... Since his defection to America, Dr. Alekov, (?) alias Ken Alibek (?) has authored numerous articles and even a book, to spread... propaganda and bio-terror. In essence, he is a pawn in the global war game, featuring fear and educational indoctrination along with terrorisation of the population!

[In controlled government produced news items and documentaries it is said that the Intelligence services suspected that Saddam Hussein had done research on anthrax, but they did not know how extensive the program was. As a precautionary measure, about 150.000 U.S. troops were vaccinated against anthrax. All a big lie of course as the U.S. Department of Commerce actually licensed the transfer of anthrax to Iraq through the American Type Culture Collection shown in a paper by Senator Don Riegle in his congressional investigation report dated May 25, 1994. Below is a copy put together by myself of what is shown on screen. Ed.]:


Dr. Horowitz: Listed here are just a few of the many varieties of biological weapons shipped to Saddam Hussein during the 1980's. So all that controversy about the CIA providing false intelligence about the Iraqis developing weapons of mass destruction is hereby shown to be a FRAUD AND COVERUP! These pages of war provisions prove the profitable supply of deadly germs sent to three places. The Iraq Atomic Energy Commission, the Ministry of Higher Education, and the Ministry of Trade Hussein's army did have biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction that were shipped from the heartland of America.
Seen on screen giving evidence is General Norman Schwarzkopf, (Gulf War Commander.) Gulf War Illness. Senate Veterans Affairs Committee.
Coverage by C-Span Today:

I never received, before, during or after hostilities, any report of Iraqi use of chemical weapons, nor the discovery of or destruction of Iraqi chemical weapons.

Later in his testimony he states: Ah, I remember General Franks came to me, and I assumed it was Kamisiyah he was talking about at the time because it was about the same time fame, and talked about this huge ammunition dump that they had found, with literally tons and tons and tons of ammunition in it, and there was no way that they could retrograde it, and I challenged him on that and he convinced me that no they couldn't retrograde it and therefore they were going to destroy it in place, and I said fine, that was Kamisiyah. From what I heard about the size of the bunker that Franks was talking about and the others that they blew up, these were huge bunkers with crates and crates and crates and crates of ammunition in them and I can only assume that they looked they either didn't recognize them or didn't see them at the time. [Chemical and biological weapons.]

Sergeant Dan Topolski now talking: I'm Dan Topolski; I was the nuclear biological and chemical defence NCO for B Company 37th Engineer Battalion...

Voiceover now heard by Dave VonKleist of C-Span Today: Sergeant Topolski was one of the nuclear, biological and chemical non-commissioned officers in charge of identifying munitions at the Kamisiyah bunker complex in Iraq. This complex consisted of over 100 bunkers and 49 warehouses each the size of a football field, and he feels that he and his men were exposed to chemical and biologicals when they were ordered to blow it up. Here's how he felt when he entered this complex:

I was... I felt betrayed. I felt like em, we had been sold out for a few dollars when I saw what I saw inside those bunkers.

VonKleist: Why would Sergeant Topolski feel betrayed? What was it that he saw when he and the others... entered into those bunkers? General Schwarzkopf discussed how the enemy identified their munitions in his testimony when he said the following:

Even though I had 40 some years in the military service, if you were to bring in a bunch of ammunition and pile it up in front of me and one of them was a 122mm rocket with chemicals in it, I would not be able to tell you that that had chemicals in it, particularly if it was an Iraqi rocket with Arabic writing on it or something. We identified ours when we had them, in a very specific way, we had coloured coding, I don't have the slightest idea what the Arabs did.

VonKleist: General Schwarzkopf stated that we identified ours when we had them... by colour coding As you can see (previously unreleased footage now shown of U.S. troops filming Saddam's chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction that we have been led to believe was never found. The mainstream media has never reported on this film or General Schwarzkopf's perjury) the coloured bands on these munitions indicate that there were chemical and biological munitions inside these bunkers at Kamisiyah. According to Sergeant Topolski, the yellow or purple bands indicate chemical munitions, where the green bands indicate biological munitions. Schwarzkopf also indicated that he could not identify munitions particularly if they had Iraqi markings on them. You will also note that the markings on these munitions are plainly written in English and they indicated that these munitions were supplied to Iraq by countries like Jordan, Middlesex England, the Soviet Union or Russia, as well as the United States of America. According to the 1972 Geneva Convention, weapons of mass destruction are illegal, therefore, according to Sgt. Dan Topolski, it is very likely that these munitions were destroyed, not so much to prevent Saddam Hussein from regaining control of them, but rather to destroy the evidence of these countries breaking international law!

Dr. Horowitz: ... the anthrax vaccine given to all of our troops and allies, except for French soidiers, was poisonously prepared and deadly to receive... numerous experts have now linked the anthrax vaccine to hundreds of thousands of deaths and a currently advancing plague that emerged exclusively from the Gulf War called Gulfwar Syndrome. The Senate thoroughly investigated this subject in 1994, and published proof that our troops were unwittingly used experimentally, or alternatively, targeted for disease and death by the vaccine makers, with official political consent! 

Spreading across America and the world now is a flu-like illness that resists standard medical treatments. You probably know people suffering from severe recurring respiratory ailments experts have linked to an agent called mycoplasma. In fact, chronic fatigue, low body temperature and a flu that keeps coming back is associated with this germ, isolated and patented by the United States Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, in a patent shown here (document shown on screen from the U.S. Patent Office), this agent, mycoplasma apparently contaminated the anthrax vaccine given to more than half a million American troops that served in the first Gulf War. Dr. Cono from the Centre for Disease Control applauds this invention. This next government document was obtained by lawyers for the victims I just described. Here you can see the array of biological weapons being tested on the prisoners in Texas as overseen by the Baylor College of Medicine. Baylor, at that time boasted of having George H. W. Bush serving on their board of directors.

Document lists:
Hong Kong Flu program
Flu-influenza vaccine
Rhinovirus 353 vaccine
Adenovirus vaccine
Equine Flu study
Mycoplasma pneumonia vaccine study
Rhinovirus type 15 plague pool
Mycoplasma pneumonia hall study
X-32 vaccine hall study
(In the hall stus prisoners were secretly exposed to biological agents).

According to congressional testimony by... Dr. Garth Nicolson (one of the nation's leading experts on mycoplasma and Gulfwar Syndrome as it relates in mycoplasma contaminated vaccines), these Texas studies linked the Baylor College of Medicine as well as the privately owned bio-tech company called Tannox Biosystems of Houston, a company, incredibly, co-owned by James Bakker the III, the man charged with overseeing the president's (Bush Jnr.) Florida vote recount that secured his heavily contested election! Here's a copy of Dr. Nicolson's letter to an investigating official, it reads quote:

... mycoplasma fermentans (incognitos strain), an unusual organism that had been found previously in some AIDS patients by Dr. Shyh-Ching Lo of the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Washington, D.C. We did not realise at that time that Dr. Lo had previously been employed at the Baylor College of medicine and Tannox Biosystems of Houston, a privately held biotechnology company that has been named in Desert Storm veteran's lawsuits (filed by Collard & Pitts, among others) as one of the companies that illegally sold biological weapons to Iraq.

Congressional testimony
Dr. Garth L. Nicolson, Ph.D.

Dr. Nicolson, previously the chairman of Cancer Research and full professor at the University of Texas, at Houston, went on to report how he was persecuted and academ-ically blacklisted following his attempts to serve the public health!

... for the sake of accuracy, evading for the moment the use of vaccines to make people sick, the use of the two terms, vaccinations and immunisations have been successfully confused by the government and industry propagandists. Immunisations and vaccinations are not the same. Vaccinations typically cause hypersensitisation reactions including allergies, asthma, auto-immune diseases and with contaminants such as mycoplasma or frequently inoculated herpes type viruses such as the Epstein-Barr virus, cancers can be triggered.
Immunisations on the other hand are caused by natural exposures to foreign proteins that challenge our immune systems. The confusion persists simply because health officials and professionals acting as propagandists, like Dr. Cono, want people to believe that vaccinations prompt natural immunity, which, they do not! With all vaccinations, whatever desirable sensitivity occurs against germs, comes with great risks of side effects. Just read their package inserts or a physician's desk reference i.e. (microbes, heavy metals and foreign genetics). Or Google search them to learn more about the sad truth...

Dr. Horowitz goes on to show how the anthrax mailings and scare were U.S. made to help the Bayer drug company sell their stock of Cipro, giving them a $100 million shot in the arm. [$700 for a 60 day supply per person!] 
Peculiarly, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) made this poorly tested, highly toxic antibiotic, the only endorsed method of treating anthrax. That was bizarre because most doctors realised you could treat anthrax far less expensively with many other antibiotics. Bayer's infamous connection to IG Farben and the Nazi Rockefeller biomedical/bio-warfare cartel concerned me so I contacted the FBI. Consistent with the various connections between government investigators and drug industrialists, the FBI refused to respond to my urgent warnings, and later, pleas. The anthrax mailing operation, including the media's coverage of the mailings, sent Bayer's stock soaring, and approximately 30.000 people in the nation's capital alone, to their local drugstores for this potion! Within six months, nearly 90% of those frightened people suffered brain damage in many cases irreversible! This was reported in the Washington Times. The story, by investigative journalist Kelly O'Meara was published in the papers in Site Magazine. 

By October 12, 2001, the FBI had posted a million dollar reward for valuable clues in the anthrax mailings. It took the FBI six months to respond to my relentless communications. Then, rather than reward me anything, even a simple thank you, FBI agents were despatched to interrogate me as a suspect! Two months after I urged the FBI to investigate Bayer and the sole anthrax vaccine maker Bioport LLC, the Washington Post reported that the Bureaux was pursuing the possibility that financial gain was a primary motive behind the mailings. Washington Post writers Susan Schmidt and Joby Warrick reported on December 21st that the FBI were probing at least two military industrial contractors that shipped the specified mailed anthrax powder. The first was the armies Dugway Proving Ground's Life Sciences Facility and the second was the Battelle Memorial Institute (BMI), a sort of one stop shopping mall for everything military. BMI is allegedly a non-profit CIA and military contractor involved in vaccine acquisitions and development. It also administers and supplies bio-weapons to facilities at Dugway Proving Grounds, including their main aerosol germ testing structure they euphemistically call The Life Sciences Building!

Based on extensive evidence, BMI appeared to be the only anthrax supplier staffed with the resources, human and otherwise, capable of providing the hyper-weaponised anthrax that was mailed... to generate fear and financial rewards. This reality check, implicates our governments most powerful intelligence agencies and a conspiracy to commit murder, treason, military industrial sabotage and bio-terrorism. A profitable, media supported form of genocide!

In summary, Dr. Cono's primary expert testimony for this History of Bioterrorism comes from the two men most suspiciously linked to the deadly anthrax mailings. No other suspects would be so capable nor high-tech hardware available to them to bio-engineer this hyper-concentrated electro-magnetised and silica sensitised mutant that would spread, carry and kill far better than anything the world had ever seen. [Controlled scientists and of course news reports like this recent one below, tell a different story. And remember, The FBI dropped its investigation like a hot potatoe when they got too close to the truth Ed.] :

The Wall Street Journal June 30, 2008
In 2006, the FBI revised its assessment of the anthrax powder. While it was of exceptional purity and quality, scientists now say it lacked signs of the special milling process necessary for weaponization. In addition, the particular Ames strain of the anthrax used in the attacks, a clue seeming to point to a domestic source, has turned out to be far more common than originally believed, appearing in laboratories world-wide, including nations of the former Soviet Union.
Next, let's return to Dr. Cono, who will inform you about becoming enlightened to the risk of dying from a bio-terrorist attack without being frightened. Her mixed message is allegedly provided to prepare you for such an attack by visiting the governments propaganda mill at . The controllers of politics and profits are not stupid, they were aware of, even boasted [of] advances in bio-technology on the cutting edge of quote: Cancer Research instead of a politically risky objective of : Population Control, here is a compelling revelation, a public biological experimentation licence granted by the United States Congress to researchers under contract with the military intelligence organizations including the CIA and DARPA [The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency]. All that's required to conduct offensive biological warfare experiments on you or other people, without informed consent, is the secret notification of Congress in a classified report along with a civilian official sworn to secrecy. In this way, believe it or not, any military or intelligence agency, or even one of their private corporate contractors, can transmit a deadly disease or create a devastating outbreak without the media or the public ever finding out!

Document cited:
1520 Use of human subjects for testing of chemical
or biological agents by Department of Defense;
accounting to Congressional committees with
respect to experiments and studies; notification

of local civilian officials.

The CIA tested a variety of germs, alleged to be safe, on the public in San Francisco, New York, Pennsylvania and elsewhere throughout the 1950's and 1960's, as detailed in the U.S. Senate report from 1976. This report heavily condemned the targeting of black people and their political organizations, now you can better understand how and why the infamous Tuskegee experiment came to be. Now you know why the health agency that conducted Tuskegee, now brings you terrorizing propaganda in the form they call The History of Bioterrorism, today our cancer and AIDS pandemics, explosive diabetes and heart disease rates, obesity, poisonings and even recent Avian Flu frights, are all man-made, politically contrived and financially triggered and sustained. These are socio-political impositions, not natures curses! When you gain your intelligence from mainstream news sources, this mainly results from news tips or press releases which are generated by people or companies in business aiming to make a profit from each fright. Consider the Avian Flu fright. It appears to have largely benefitted Donald Rumsfeld. Besides directing the Department of Defence, few people recall his position as CEO of Searle Company, maker of NutraSweet, the poisonous sugar substitute controversially approved by the FDA along with the first oral birth control pill. Rumsfeld chaired the board of Gilead Sciences Inc., initially a small company that developed and now licenses Tamiflu to the drug giant Hoffman-La Rouche.

Tamiflu is the only government recommended treatment for an epidemic that hasn't happened yet! The fright over the Avian Flu sent Rumsfeld's cronies stocks soaring! Other examples of white collar bio-terrorist attacks include several alleged E-coli outbreaks, meat packaging company takeovers and SARS. Vast industries are built, company takeovers occur, or competition is destroyed by death threats and terror campaigns numerous experts say that besides Germany's bio warriors coming to America, the U.S. inherited all of Japan's bio-weapons secrets following WWII, including a dangerous germ originally called Kuru. This agent, on the 1971 list of National Cancer Institute studies is believed to have come from the Japanese experimenting on aboriginal people in New Guinea, who, modern spin doctors made a big deal about their being cannibals. They blamed the cannibals for this disease spread. But the cannibals did not spread this agent to the National Cancer Institute Carleton Gajdusek did! This Nobel Prize winner and convicted paedophile is credited for having isolated the kuru agent, now renamed a prion, and responsible for Mad Cow Disease as this NCI document shows, what started in Japan, settled in New Guinea and then expanded to America is now another worldwide plague! 

The risk of these and new genocides emerging is multiplied by what is ongoing throughout America today in some 113 university, government, hospital and corporate laboratories. Here, the global elite are engaged in bio-technology research with potential to be used for germ warfare. Most alarming, these labs operate secretively, contrary to federal rules. From California to New York and Chicago to San Antonio, often in major population centres, biological warfare labs are financed today by nearly $20 billion in government grants. These labs are literally crawling with germs advanced militarily. Repeatedly, in many of the laboratories, security is lax and safety procedures are inadequate to protect the public from sabotage, theft, and periodic outbreaks... the risk and damage to the general public from cancers, for instance, caused by our own trusted biotech labs operating throughout the United States, is more severe, untold and unimaginable! 

Numerous recorded outbreaks have foreshadowed what this government propaganda is really intended to relay that you can expect a deadly outbreak sometime soon, whether you are prepared for it or not, and terrorists, not our biologists, will be blamed. And what does the government expect you to do? Nº1. Get vaccinated. They are spinning or pinning responsibility for prevention and security on you! To take their profitable, risky and other, deadly vaccines. Instead of telling the truth and breaking ties with special interests, our politicians are turning blind eyes to serial slayings, mass murders and have set nearly everyone up to be ill or killed. If you find this disturbing or hard to believe so does everyone who first comes across documentation like this demented experim-ental creation. Here, from the National Cancer Institute, how would you like to have air-borne leukemia viruses circulating in your community? You have no assurance that it hasn't already happened or that a release isn't planned! There's a lot of talk about Avian Flu, this is the Cancer Flu! ... What will you do about it when it happens? Simply follow instructions from people [who are] likely behind these outbreaks?

[Dr. Horowitz goes on to explain how the recommendations from FEMA in their free booklet, ARE YOU READY. An in-depth guide to citizen preparedness. August 2004, are]:

... rather than in-depth, most intelligent, well informed people would conclude these recommendations are, INSANE!

Contrary to popular belief generated by similar propaganda, the smallpox vaccine did little if anything to reduce smallpox worldwide. A great exposé on the sham of smallpox vaccinations was developed by members of Vaccination Liberation Organisation, spearheaded by Ingri Cassel Harkins. It was called Smallpox Alert and is still available online at along with many other informative articles...

[Dr. Horowitz explains that the push on smallpox vaccines comes from the same people who pushed the anthrax vaccine and that the available smallpox vaccine is 60 years old and has been diluted five times its active ingredient is... cowpuss!!! Ed.]

Dr. Cono, is right, Ebola and Hemorrhagic fever viruses have been the subject of much Hollywood filming and bio-terror hype. Let me show you where these viruses really came from and who, in Hollywood, is leading the propagandist attack on the public's mind. (Warner film Outbreak excerpt is shown). The mother of Ebola is the Marburg virus that first broke out in three vaccine production factories in three different parts of the world simultaneously in 1967, killing seven people and injuring another thirty-one. This grave risk came from the fact that the monkey supplier Litton Bionetics was also a leading biological weapons contractor for the military and the CIA by 1969. With military and White House influences, no-one would dare declare Litton Bionetics negligence and liability in any outbreak...

(Voice of Dr. Maurice Hilleman, the world's leading vaccine expert and chief of the Merck Companys vaccine division: ... I think that vaccines have to be considered the bargain basement technology for the 20th century. He goes on to explain that leukemia and other cancers were being found in vaccines that foreshadowed the world's present cancer pandemic.)

Words on screen: Stuff found in vaccines: Foreign DNA, RNA, and proteins that may prompt allergies and autoimmune diseases from bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, bovine foetal serum, monkey kidney tissue, toxic metals, mercury and aluminium, MSG, and corpse preservatives formaldehyde and formalin.
Initially, millions of Russians, later millions of Americans, were infected with cancer viruses in polio vaccines. This initiated the global cancer pandemic more than anything else.

DR. Hilleman: The jokes that were going on was, gee, that we would win the Olympics because the Russians would all be loaded down with tumours...[laughter from journalists heard in background] we had no press release on it obviously, you don't go out [and tell this truth], this is a scientific affair within the scientific community.

Dr. Albert Sabin, Polio Vaccine pioneer seen talking and shaking his head at the same time: There was too much of a show, there was too much Hollywood, there was too much exaggeration and the impression in... 1954 that was given was that the problem had been solved, that polio had been conquered...

Dr. Horowitz: Despite AIDS and leukemia suddenly becoming pandemic from wild viruses' Hilleman said: This was good science at that time. So imagine what bad science might yield! Science directed for profit and population control by the military medical petrochemical pharmaceutical cartel.

So Cook [Robin] in his exciting book and film [Outbreak] told the truth about the CIA's release of this microbe. But the biggest best-seller The Hot Zone, by author Richard Preston was different. Extremely dishonest. Author Richard Preston was paid [$20.000] by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation among the cancer industry's largest benefactors, intimately tied to the Rockefeller family's influence to present easily proven deceptions. Preston reported that Ebola emerged from bat guano [bat faeces] at the bottom of the deep dark cave in southern Sudan. The fact is, this is very close to where Litton Bionetics labs operated, testing these precise agents on native Africans. Here, for close examination is the exact experiment administered by Litton Bionetics in 1965 and ending in 1970 [document shown with names of doctors involved], precisely timed for the first Marburg [related to Ebola] virus outbreak. This National cancer Institute document refers to John Landon, chief scientist at Litton Bionetics, overseeing the experiments. Notice that at least half of the Rhabdo virus simian infected monkeys died or were transferred. The ones that lived were transferred to the vaccine production labs for vaccine production. This is how the first Marburg virus outbreak occurred! Since that time, every single Marburg virus outbreak, as well as Ebola virus outbreak, has either been associated with a bio-weapons lab accident or an intentional release for terrorisms objectives political or financial gain!

But now according to America's leading outbreak journalist, Laurie Garrett [only writer ever to be awarded the three big Ps of journalism, the Peabody, the Polk and the Pulitzer], in her best seller The Coming Plague, she neglects Litton's links and dismisses the CIA biological weapons contributions to these outbreaks as though she too were on the Rockefeller payroll. It should be noted that these unnaturally evolved, man-made viruses, are far less genetically stable, they are more fragile, they mutate more rapidly than naturally evolved viruses. That's why, when the second Marburg virus outbreak occurred in the southern part of Uganda in 1975, many scientists suspect-ed foul play by the CIA, since the genetic sequence... was essentially identical to the 1968 strain. The only explanation for this fact remains refrigeration!
From my perspective, the least trustworthy bio-terrorist in Hollywood is CIA operative Steven Seagal. This propagandist, an ego-maniacal opportunist, produced the movie The Patriot at my expense, merging Emerging Viruses AIDS and Ebola with my third best seller Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse into one screen play. Instead of professionally crediting me, Seagal falsely credited The Last Canadian (William C. Heine) for his information. Seagal boasts of his CIA alliances. In The Patriot, he spun my character together with an admitted CIA operative named Larry Wayne Harris who I exposed in the late 1990's as a bio-terrorist threatening the public's health. Harris was later arrested for acquiring anthrax spores.

So if the goal is to reduce excess populations, as Foreign Affairs Journal advertise-ment says, we need more wars! Including our government's war on terrorism. We need to inject more people especially black people, with infectious diseases. This is why this image of a needle [black nurse shown preparing needle injection of vaccine] inserted into a vial of vaccine is said to be synonymous with preparedness and the positive virtues of inspiration and empowerment. Why they show Flu vaccine vials rolling off the assembly line and equate the vaccine as delivering quote: high quality health. Why they plug CIA agents and so-called health experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci, why they say, the HHS will be there for you in an actual emergency, just like they were following hurricane Katrina. Why they need to reinforce, reiterate and convince you that they are an accurate and reliable resource when it is precisely that which they are not! Why they show life's riskiest profiteering in genetic engineering and bio-technology as a trusted partner in good health and why they inject a happy black woman for a special emergency preparedness and beckon you to come to their paradise.

In conclusion, the new unprecedented risks we now face as a nation and world, bring us to the brink of annihilation, this prognosis includes possible extinction! The motives underlying our own destruction include greed, ignorance, generalised fear and malice against other nations and people as shown in this persuasive propaganda. As this programme ends, I pray you are better able to make choices consistent with accurate intelligence and wisdom. Take Dr. Cono's advice; study the government propaganda on their information sites, recalling what you have learned here. Each of us needs to make a critical choice. Either we awaken to the truth that shall set us free or dismiss the truth and increase our risk of dying early! It was once said that ignorance is bliss, consider carefully you might benefit from your ignorance, and you might be harmed!
End of documentary.

The truth about the Aids epidemic:

Thank you for having had the patience to read through this transcript. Difficult to believe and impossible as it may seem, whether you believe or not that we are not only being controlled but killed off slowly is a scientifically proven fact. The multi-numerous ways the controlling elite have worked out over the past decades to destroy humanity would take an entire book on its own. I have put together a collage book of around 700 pages that goes into the whole disgusting mess in much more detail. The elite ruling families want us dead or working as slaves to them. All this is highlighted in my book. Time is short fast running out please help me in getting my book professionally edited and published. It contains a number of practically unknown schemes and plans of these parasitical families.
They want no more than 500.000.000 people left alive; their agenda is going along smoothly. The world's population is asleep they know almost nothing of these end-time plans. Only death and destruction awaits planet Earth. A spoke needs to be forced into their wheels at least to slow them down, if not to stop them! The more people we manage to inform, the better our chances. Please tell others around you about this documentary and the other one which I hope you will now watch.
Each one, tell one and spread the news! If not, the elite will spread their deadly germs, viruses, poisoned foods and medicines, deceit and lies and the populations of the world will shortly be doomed! May the Lord God Almighty bless you. People need to make a stand against these evil, murderous control freaks before it is too late. This is a non-profit, citizen education project. Let us work together to get this message spread around the globe. Thank you.
Edward Laughlan.

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