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Signs Of The Times

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Terri3gs>Proud Extremist

The Virginia State Police have just issued a public notice that directly criminalizes free speech and public dissent, and enlists the citizens to become "snoops" against their fellow Americans who may disagree with government openly. Before I get into this report, which will include links to the state website, lets look at some recent history.

Recently we have seen some very alarming moves made by government and law enforcement agencies to criminalize peaceful public dissent and free speech. The Department of Homeland Security a few months back released a document describing average Americans who disagree with government as terrorists. These average Americans were named specifically to include: anyone who supports the Constitution openly, anyone who supports Ron Paul and his Campaign for Liberty, gun owners (the Second Amendment), anyone who favors state or local government over federal authority (the Tenth Amendment), and military and veterans. All of these Americans are to be scrutinized as likely terrorists.

Last week, the ACLU launched an opposition to a Homeland Security training questionare that directly states that protest is an act of low-level terrorism. Yes, our Homeland Security and military are being taught that the ultimate American civil and Constitutional right to peacably assemble for redress of our grievances IS AN ACT OF TERRORISM. Now, you can disagree with the ACLU on other things all you want. But if you agree that the American Constitutional right to peacably assemble for redress is an act of terrorism, you are badly mistaken. We must cherish and protect the liberties which were given to us in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, especially the right to peacably assemble. Don't believe they are teaching this to our law enforcement and Security agents? Here it is:

Now, Virginia State Police, in their Crisis Controlled terrorism awareness report, ( have issued an extensive list of terrorist activity to the public. This list includes, gun rights activism, tax protesting, loss of soveriengty activism, federal vs. individual activism, and Constitutional activism, all defined as terrorist issues.

The report goes on to list that these terrorist groups or individuals will likely protest globalization, military interventionism, and world trade. The report even lists Native Americans seeking soveriegnty as terrorist activity. The report calls for citizens to report all suspicious activity to the State Police and gives an example using a man in a pick up truck with a "Say no to the New World Order" bumper sticker! It enlists the citizens to spy on and report anyone who is different in any way.

Now, I already know that there are a great many of you who are so terrified by global terrorism that you will read this community awareness report as a good thing. I would agree if it was actually geared towards community awareness of real terrorist threats. However, in light of the criminalizing of public dissent and protest, this is not a good thing at all. This is about as patriotic as the anti-Constitutional Patriotic Act. Your fellow Americans who oppose the wild growth of federal government are NOT terrorists. Your fellow Americans who want to preserve their Second Amendment rights are NOT terrorists. PROTEST IS NOT A FORM OF TERRORISM!

We are not inching towards a tyrannical, fascist country. We are now arriving there. So, we now live in a country where having a bumper sticker on your vehicle opposing the loss of American national soveriegnty makes you a terrorist suspect? We live in an American where tax protest is an act of terrorism? This is real, these reports and questionares are real, and they are only the few that we know about. Who knows what other atrocities of untruth are being taught away from public eyes?

Julius Ceasar, Josef Stalin, and Adolf Hitler all criminalized dissent. Can anyone tell me what else they had in common? Think you would have liked to live under them? Then why would we accept being told that our very Constitutional rights are acts of terrorism, and that publicly supporting those rights is terrorism? Iran is telling protestors that they have no right to protest, and is using deadly force on them even if they assemble peacably or not. Do you think that would be a good way to handle things in the U.S.? To be told, "hey, I don't care if you think we are breaking your backs with excess taxes, or trampling your Constitutional liberties with laws and legislation, or that the Federal Reserve is above the law whether you like it or not, go home and do not protest or we will use force!" Think they can't say that? Well, according to the Department of Homeland Security, protest is an act of terrorism! How do we respond to terrorism?

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