Thursday, 6 May 2010


Written by Edward Laughlan

Like I have pointed out before folks - Barack Obama was born in Kenya! Even his wife admits it on film! Listen to her from minute 2:15 if you don't believe me. And check out my earlier post that shows his actual Kenyan birth certificate and not the false copy shown in the U.S. City of London Corporation international bankers are clearly out to destroy the U.S. now that it has served its purpose of being the powerhouse that would lead the elite to the doors of their Nazi New World Order - in other words, their Luciferic Utopia! 

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The banking families of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers hope to provide the world with its end time world leader within the next few years. I say that an unexpected leader will rise up, take control after smashing opposition from three partner countries (from the group of ten), as the book of Daniel points out clearly. He will then go out and destroy the plans and schemes of the elite bankers of Esau (Canaanites/Hittites/Edomites), attacking China, their number one friend today! Esau, was renamed "Edom" by the Creator, which means "Red" or "Red Broth". The bankers are related very much to their Communist friends the Chinese and the Russians, whom they aided and abetted during their earlier years of Communism and still do so today!

In this one, she admits that his home country is KENYA! Not the U.S.

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