Monday, 5 October 2009


by Edward Laughlan

Illuminati Elite Dynasties Battle Over Who Will Rule The New World Order. In the Right Hand Corner: Requiem Rockefeller

First, Irish/Austrian medical journalist Jane Burgermeister goes to court against the World Health Organisation, the United Nations, the Rockefellers and Rothschilds over their skillfully planned Swine Flu depopulation agenda, then Illuminati insider and Knight of the British realm Sir Leonard Horowitz files court order against the Rockefellers and their Nazi (tax free) Foundation - what in the world is going on all of a sudden?? Has war broken out between the top thirteen ruling families to see which one will field the end time Antichrist world warrior leader??

In The Left Hand Corner
William Arthur Philip Louis

Maybe it All Just Forms Part of The Preplanned "Externalisation of The Hierarchy" - Or Are They Preparing us For Civil Unrest?

Talk about confusion! And we all know who the father of confusion is! Will the end time 'Alexander the Great' warrior king be our very own Prince William Arthur Philip Louis, or will it be the Rockefeller candidate Requiem or some other 'wannabe' hidden in the shadows? Only time itself shall reveal this secret to humanity, but I believe it will be a surprise to all! And what about Jane herself? Where did she come from and what is her true background? After leaving Edinburgh University in Scotland, Jane headed off to Austria to take up the post of editor for a medical journal, left that employment and began writing articles for Reuter's Health, the British Medical Journ
al, the Scientist, Nature and others beside! Don't you have to be plugged in to walk into such jobs? Please stay tuned and listen to Jane herself as me, myself personally, - feels a little bit lost!

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